What are the top development challenges programmers are facing this year?

Keep an eye out

As 2018 steams ahead, web pros are considering the new development challenges that might arise in the coming months. But there are the common financial issues faced by companies limiting the time developers can work on a project. Financial restrictions also limit access to tools developers need to increase productivity. A tight budget might also lead to an understaffed team facing a heavy workload under the demand of getting the job done right.

Also among development challenges are limited skill sets as employees develop programs.

Various phases of development require specialized knowledge. But it’s common practice for employees from another department to take the reins on advanced code while only possessing general knowledge of the process.

While experienced developers are usually able to tackle these familiar problems, they recognize the world of IT is changing in this fast-moving economy with a growing reliance on applications.

Top 5 development challenges

Here are the top development challenges we’re facing:

  1. New technology will no longer work with old software.

  2. Bilingual developers will become preferred candidates.

  3. Machine learning will start becoming the norm.

  4. Hackers will heighten security risks.

  5. Automation is taking over.

Let’s take a closer look at each challenge and how developers can work to overcome them.

1. New technology will no longer work with old software

If a company uses outdated software and equipment, developers will face more unique disadvantages than in the past.

Programmers must be ready to confront development challenges by thinking outside the box.


The IT industry is constantly evolving, and 2018 will most likely present significant software upgrades that will be incompatible with dated technology.

As a developer, some requirements must be met to avoid coding flaws. This creates a conflict that IT managers must acknowledge and resolve for modern programmers to ensure accuracy and quality. Programmers will also be expected to keep up with the latest software trends in 2018 because new product releases will be emerging for IT professionals to utilize regularly.

Developers have many tasks to perform during their workday, including generating code, testing code, and implementing modifications as needed. Along with their workload, developers will need to use their personal time to understand how to work with new technology that might become standard in the field.

Development Challenges Outdated

2. Bilingual developers will become preferred candidates

Language skills are invaluable in today’s job market because businesses rely on people skills and effective communication to build a larger network. Like most businesses, IT companies want to increase their reach on an international level.

Studies have shown that the demand for bilingual workers has increased 150 percent. And many companies are now willing to hire candidates with no degree if they speak multiple languages.

Bilingual job-seekers are also able to negotiate a higher salary. In fact, some companies are willing to pay up to 20 percent more for a bilingual employee.

Being bilingual also has personal benefits for developers. Learning more than one language enhances productivity and creativity. Bilingualism also improves the ability to multitask and solve complex problems at work.

3. Machine learning will start becoming the norm

In the early years of building and manipulating software, developers did all the grunt work as they were writing code. Most of today’s working developers write code with database assistance that manages software tools — but this method might soon be outdated as well.

With machine learning, companies will have the ability to quickly find solutions to time-consuming and expensive problems with less manual input.

Machines are being taught to process data using logic and algorithms to analyze every feature of a program and understand code for testing purposes. With autonomy and the dynamic nature of machine intelligence, businesses are looking forward to learning the algorithms and data of intelligent machines.

Analyzing code will no longer be a standout quality for programmers, adding to the list of development challenges. Developers will have to build on their skills to remain competitive in the workforce. Instead of competing with artificial intelligence, software developers will have to learn how to work with machines during the development process.

Development Challenges Robot

4. Hackers will heighten security risks

Malware isn’t going away anytime soon. It isn’t remaining stagnant either. Security risks are advancing, making programs more vulnerable to infections that can ruin an application and steal user information. As more people, companies and software programs are falling victim to hacking and cyber attacks, developers must stay up to speed on the latest testing and security methods to protect programs.

Just as developers are working to defend app users, there are developers focused on hacking systems. Programs that are made to corrupt devices are gathering vast amounts of data to analyze vulnerability. Any weaknesses in a code are more likely to be detected and misused.

For programmers, the pressure will be on to shield users and protect the company’s reputation.

IT experts will have to ensure that all security measures have been implemented, from basic precautions to the most complex coding analyzations. If developers don’t hold focus on security, the consequences are very real development challenges.

In the app market, hacked programs make a brand less reliable.


Businesses might have to fully discontinue applications and suffer from a hit in their market value if there’s a widespread attack on app users.

Due to its wide range of capabilities, machine learning is becoming the solution for companies to tighten their cyber security. The data fed to intelligent machines can automate security procedures, recognize threats, and combat security breaches.

5. Automation is taking over

There has been plenty of talk about “robots taking over,” but some of that talk is true. With the advancement of AI tools, companies can automate certain tasks once slated for developers. The benefits of automation are numerous, including the ability to scale, work 24/7 and lower costs.

Should developers fear that they will be replaced by robots?


While the technology is certainly advancing, it still requires a human touch. Some of the technologies are far too expensive and cannot quite replace a human employee. While this might not be among major development challenges yet, developers should certainly keep an eye out for AI platforms.

Collaboration is key

This will be a year of major technological advancements, and IT teams will need managerial and technical support to keep up. Programmers will face diverse development challenges, but we see collaboration as the answer. Ultimately, companies and machines will have to work with developers to integrate new programs and secure applications in this transformative digital age.