GoDaddy Pro July updates

Monthly news for our GoDaddy Pros

Our monthly update highlights all the cool things you can get your hands on, so dig in and find something that will help your business grow.

Our GoDaddy Pro July updates brought a big brand name change: Pro ManageWP is now Pro Sites. We also improved the Safe Updates feature and rolled out the hosting widget, a first crucial step to a seamless GoDaddy experience.

Pro ManageWP renamed to Pro Sites

In an effort to highlight that the Pro program is for all web professionals, not just the ones working on WordPress, we renamed the Pro ManageWP dashboard into Pro Sites. ManageWP as a standalone service will remain focused on WordPress, and Pro Sites will keep evolving into an all-inclusive program for all websites. We’ve already taken the first step when we introduced the ability to add non-WordPress websites to the Pro Sites dashboard.

Automated rollback updates

We talked in the past how doing WordPress updates is much easier with the Safe Updates feature in Pro Sites. Now we’ve added a great improvement – the ability to automatically roll back a failed update. If our system gets an unexpected response from your server (e.g. 404 or the dreaded 500 error), it automatically restores your site to its state just before the update. That’s a lot of time and nerves saved right there, you’re welcome!

Hosting widget & 1-click migration

GoDaddy is also a hosting company, so it made total sense to join forces with other teams and get essential hosting information on your Pro Sites dashboard. And if your website is not on GoDaddy, you have the option to migrate effortlessly to GoDaddy Managed WordPress hosting.

Pro Connect vanity URL

Yep, you can now change your vanity URL. The first one to take the /boatymcboatface gets a Starbucks coffee from me (ping me on Twitter).

Sales price visibility

When using shared shopping, you can now see the sales prices more easily.

Happy updates!

Image by: Photo via VisualHunt