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It’s wintertime, the lights are all aglow, and we’re saying “goodbye” to 2020 and “hello” to 2021! Here’s how the Websites + Marketing and Online Store teams are finishing up the old year and getting ready for the new.

View and manage pages more easily

When you logged into your website after Thanksgiving, you may have noticed something different about the right-hand editor menu.

It used to contain all the sections on that page, which you can also see by just scrolling your website screen. We heard your feedback that you wanted page management to be easier, so we now use this space to help you view and manage your pages.

Easily add a page, a link to an external website (like a social media page), or a drop-down menu by selecting + Add Page in the Site Navigation menu. Each page you add can appear in the top navigation or the website footer (or neither), and you can designate if it’s a private page.

Use the icon next to the + to reorder pages, including drop-down menus.

Hover over an existing page and select the Settings menu to rename the page, duplicate the page, delete the page or change the page settings (navigation, footer or private page).

Link text and buttons to email and phone numbers

We know that mobile visitors account for about 65% (or more) of a typical website’s traffic. It’s important to give your readers and customers the ability to tap a button or link and call you or send you an email.

In the past, text or button links connected to another page (or section on a page), another URL, or one of your store products.

Now you can link text or buttons to emails and phone numbers. To try it out, go into your website editor.

If you select text, you’ll see the ability to modify that text (including adding a link.) If you select a button, you’ll see the button options in the right-hand part of the editor.

Select what you want to happen when someone selects that link or button, and then finish filling out the rest of the fields.

Add a link to a phone number or an email address

Remember to publish your site when you’re finished so your readers and customers can see your changes!

Choose different header styles

Too many different styles looks chaotic, but not enough variety is bland. In the middle is the sweet spot where you have some different choices but not too much.

In your website editor, highlight a section’s header or sub-header text. Use the menu that appears to change to one of four styles or adjust the font size.

Choose different header styles in Websites + Marketing

Wanting to try something different across your site? At any time, try a new site font.

More stock photos that represent all your customers

Stock photos get a bad reputation for being bland and boring. Not anymore! We’re excited to add approximately 500 new diverse images representing people from all backgrounds, ages, abilities, and more.

More diverse stock images in Websites + Marketing

Anytime you’re in your website editor, select an image and then select Change image. You’ll see more representation in your search results.

Play around with your search terms, adding descriptors for different groups of people you’d like represented, or even colors like blue or purple to get images that match your color scheme.

Edit your images in your Media Library

Easily add overlays, text, shapes and more to your images right in your Media Library.

From your Dashboard, select My Photos.

Select My Photos from my Websites + Marketing Dashboard to edit my photos

Hover over any one of your images, and select the pencil Edit icon. Now your photo opens in our Content Creator image editor, powered by Over.

Use the left menu to add another image, text, graphic or shape layer. Add multiple layers to make your image exactly what you’re looking for.

Select the Layers icon to see all the layers in your image.

Select the Layers icon in Websites + Marketing Content Creator to add text and overlays to your photo

Select a layer in the right menu to see all the options you can change for that layer (color, filters, opacity, etc.).

Once you have your image complete, select Continue to automatically save your new image as a copy into your Media Library. You also have the option to select Export if you want to save a JPG or PNG version to your desktop.

Add a free shipping coupon option to your online store

If you sell products in your online store that need shipping, why not reward your customers who order a large purchase? Create a coupon that gives them free shipping.

From your Dashboard, select Marketing then Coupons.

Add a free shipping coupon in Websites + Marketing

Select Free Shipping from the Type menu, then customize your coupon code, start date, end date and other fields. When you’re finished, select Save and your coupon is ready for sharing.

You can also offer free shipping on a permanent basis. From your Dashboard, go to Settings. Under the Store column, select Shipping. If you don’t already have a free shipping option, select Add to add a new shipping method, then select Add next to Free Shipping.

For example, you may choose to have free shipping available all the time for orders above $75. Then use the free shipping coupon option to lower the free shipping minimum order total to $50, or just apply a flat discounted shipping rate of $15 for a limited time.

Share your online store products in a social media post

What better way to tell people about new products, products you want to feature, or specials you’re running than by sharing them on social media like Facebook and Twitter?? When you create a post, you now have the option to add one of your store products to your post.

From the Dashboard, select Create Social Post or go to Marketing > Social and select Start From Scratch or Create Social Post from there.

Use the shopping cart icon to add one of your store’s products.

Add online store products to social media posts like Facebook Twitter and Google in Websites + Marketing

When you add a product, the image, title, cost, and product URL will be added to your post. Customize the text, then select Preview Post to see how the post looks in each social media format. Publish now or schedule your post for later.

You may remember the new feature from Fall 2020’s What’s New blog post about creating shoppable Facebook posts and shoppable Instagram posts. In order to create a shoppable post, you must connect your online store to Facebook’s catalog using Marketplaces. Then people buy your product right from your post.

Unlike shoppable posts, this new feature does not require any connection through Marketplaces. You’re creating a regular social post with a link to your store.

Show customers similar products in the same category

When people come to your online store to look at a product you shared, why not show them other similar products they may be interested in?

Open your website editor, and select your Online Store section. (If you don’t have one, then add a section. If you can’t find the Online Store section in the list, that means it’s already been added once somewhere else on your site.)

Select Product Page and then check the toggle for Show similar products in the same category is turned on.

Show similar products to customers shopping in your online store in Websites + Marketing

You may also want to use the Manage Store button (or go back to your Dashboard and then go to Store > Category) to add or edit your product categories.

Select different column options in your online store

One of the new features (among many) we’re excited to bring online store owners is the ability to change how many columns display in your store.

Now you have the ability to showcase your products in two, three or four columns in a Desktop layout, and one or two columns in a mobile layout.

Try it out yourself! Open your website editor, and select your Online Store section. (If you don’t have one, then add a section. If you can’t find the Online Store section in the list, that means it’s already been added once somewhere else on your site.)

In the editor on the right, the Product Gallery has a few different customizations. Select Layout Options. Choose the number of columns from the drop-down menu, and watch the Desktop version automatically adjust. Use the Preview button to see how the mobile and desktop version look together.

Arrange online store products in columns in Websites + Marketing

Remember that while we autosave every change you make, your changes won’t be visible to others until you publish your site.

Save time and hire us to write and manage your social media

Our goal is to help you be successful. We know you’re super-busy, so we’ve launched a new service to help you handle your social media.

You can either call us for a free consultation, or request a time for us to call you. We’ll discuss what your needs are, and if this is a good option for you.

Once you sign up, you’ll be introduced to your very own account manager who works with you and our team of writers, designers, and specialists working on your behalf.

We can help you set up social media accounts, as well as write and schedule posts. We’ll also check review sites to ensure all incoming reviews are answered swiftly and authentically.

By putting out a variety of content, you stay relevant to your followers and customers and build their loyalty.

Visit the GoDaddy Social page today and read our full offering. We’re here for you.

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