Women in tech take center stage at Grace Hopper conference

Rock on, ladies

“To attract technical women from Silicon Valley or Cambridge or San Francisco, we need a different approach.” ~ GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving

A conference aimed at closing the gender gap in the technology industry is gaining momentum — and GoDaddy wouldn’t miss this brainy party.

Some 8,000 people — up from 4,700 last year — are expected to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing at the Phoenix Convention Center in October. The annual event brings women (and a few men) in technology together to discuss their careers and how to increase diversity in a field long dominated by men.

In “The Hottest Ticket in Tech for Companies Struggling with the Gender Gap,” Bloomberg Businessweek Senior Writer Peter Burrows writes:

“The subject of women in tech has never drawn as much attention as it has this year. For the past few months, leading tech companies have finally released data showing how far they have to go on the diversity front — especially for tech-related jobs such as software engineer and computer scientist. Only 17 percent of Google’s technologists are women. At Facebook it’s 15 percent, and at Twitter it’s 10 percent.”

Making good on CEO Blake Irving’s pledge to support women in tech, GoDaddy will sponsor conference attendance for 110 female students from California Polytechnic State University and Harvey Mudd College. It’s just one of the ways that GoDaddy is working to build its reputation as a serious, diverse technology company. This isn’t the rep we earned from our racy ads of the past.

“In our industry, it has absolutely nothing to do with body image,” Blake told Bloomberg. “It’s about what you can get done.”

Be sure to read the full Bloomberg article, and check out pics from past conferences.

Andrea Rowland
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