WordPress news recap for March 2018

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Gutenberg creeps closer to core

March 2018 was full of exciting WordPress news, from significant changes coming in version 4.9.5 to new developments in Gutenberg, Caldera Forms leading the charge to drop support for legacy PHP, a flurry of WordCamp announcements, and the discovery that WordPress now powers 30 percent of the web.

WordPress news

Noteworthy changes coming in WordPress 4.9.5

With the release of WordPress 4.9.5 Beta 1, we learn that the many notable changes include a recommendation to use PHP 7.2, some offensive lyrics were removed from the dashboard of the Hello Dolly plugin, and an error message was replaced.

Roadmap: tools for GDPR compliance

Wondering how WordPress is helping address privacy concerns and GDPR compliance? The core development team is making a bit easier to ensure you and your visitors are protected. Here, a roadmap for adding privacy tools and guidelines for plugins to the core.

WordPress Jargon Glossary

Confused about Custom Post Types, mystified by migration or stumped on shortcode? The WordPress Make team has you covered – the WordPress Jargon Glossary will help newcomers to the project become more easily acquainted.

In WordPress 4.9.5, users will be two clicks away from installing and activating Gutenberg from the Dashboard

The core team is hard at work as release day for WordPress 4.9.5 nears. In this version, users will be two clicks away from installing the beta version of the Gutenberg software. But be warned: there are risks with beta software, so site owners need to take precautions.

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WordPress plugin & theme updates

What’s new in Gutenberg?

An update on what’s new in the hotly anticipated editor, from new and improved tools to updates to shared blocks, font size UI, stability & accessibility, mobile and more.

4,500 plugins need your help determining Gutenberg compatibility

The Gutenberg Plugin Compatibility Database is here, and you can help test thousands of plugins to determine whether they’re compatible with the new editor. If you’re looking to get involved in contributing to WordPress, this is a fantastic opportunity.

Caldera Forms becomes first major plugin to drop support for legacy PHP

Caldera Forms is the first major plugin to drop support for PHP versions 5.5 and below, with lead dev Josh Pollock blazing the path and taking the measure in order to write better code and deliver a better product to customers.

Elementor 2.0 introduces blocks

Blocks arrive with Elementor 2.0. The pre-designed section templates – for example, hero, services, testimonial and other common components of a page – will function like Lego bricks to help users of the plugin build beautiful websites and landing pages.

Community news

WordCamp Europe 2018 announces speakers

WordCamp Europe is happening the weekend of June 14 to 16 in Belgrade, Serbia and has started to announce its groups of speakers. If you’d like to learn about Open Source & The Web, Design, Gutenberg, A11y & SEO, Personal Growth, Development, Business and Freelance, and Content and Branding, grab your ticket today. Oh, and Matt Mullenweg will give a keynote!

Announcing WordCamp US 2018!

WordCamp US is happening the weekend of December 7 to 9 at the Music City Center in the heart of downtown Nashville, Tennessee. WordPressers from across the United States will come together to learn, collaborate, and listen. Get your ticket before they’re gone.

WordPress 15th Anniversary parties

WordPress is turning 15! If you’re an organizer of a local WordPress community, you can plan an anniversary celebration for the weekend of May 27. Apply to receive special swag and venue support. Time to bring your community together, acknowledge how far WordPress has come and get excited about its future!

WPCampus scheduled for July 12-14 in St. Louis, Missouri

WPCampus – the conference dedicated to WordPress in higher education – is in its third year and will be held at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri July 12 to 14. Apply to speak and join the mailing list to get first crack at tickets.

Yoast Diversity Fund

WordCamps are all about inclusivity, but it can be tough to build a diverse speakers’ panel. That’s why Yoast is launching a Diversity Fund that will pledge €25,000 annually to cover travel and accommodation costs for speakers who are part of typically underrepresented groups.

WordPress business news

WordPress now powers 30 percent of the Web

As WordPress celebrates its 15th year, we learn that it officially powers 30 percent of the web and is the fastest growing CMS by far. It’s trusted by bloggers and enterprise companies, thanks to security, scalability, customization and more.

The Jorbin Test

If you’re looking for a job as a WordPress developer, you know how difficult it can be to judge whether opportunities are worth pursuing. Here are 12 questions every WordPress dev should ask at the interview.

WordPress Foundation 2017 Annual Report

2017 was a banner year for the WordPress Foundation, as we find out in its annual report. Learn what’s been happening with new and established programs, WordPress Meetups, WordCamps and more.

From around the web

Google’s Broad Core Algorithm update examined

Google’s newest broad core algorithm update, maybe to improve how well Google understands user intent and content. If you see a drop in search results, don’t panic – just keep creating content that focuses on problems your visitors want to solve.

7 web development trends to take notice of in 2018

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Distrust of the Symantec PKI: Immediate action needed by site operators

If your site is using a SSL/TLS certificate from Symantec (or any of its brands) issued before June 1, 2016, the certificate will stop working in Chrome 66. Find out if you’re affected and what to do next.

Google Search Console updates visual reporting features

Google has made visual upgrades to the reports sand user interface in Search Console, including annotation cards with charts, a Difference column to show changes in data over time, repopulated values in filter/compare illustrations, and changes to the date picker and comparison view.

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