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Paloma reimagines art, architecture and plants to reconnect people with nature.

Plant the Future is hard to describe. It’s like walking into an art gallery where the artwork is alive, and its ambiance washes over you the moment you step in. The person behind this inspirational space is Paloma Teppa. She builds interdisciplinary art — spaces where you can live, work or play among plants. And through her online presence, she spreads awareness and education, always finding new ways to connect humanity with nature.
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A great reason to go green.

Paloma started her company so she could create a world worth leaving to her young daughter, Amelie. By actively shaping the world she wants, Paloma is showing her daughter — and all of us — that people are at their best when we embrace nature. One powerful way Paloma communicates her vision is her WordPress website hosted by GoDaddy. With it, she has the flexibility to post gorgeous images alongside products for sale, giving her the best of everything.

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"I have a mission: to connect people with nature, to connect people with their own souls."

- Paloma Teppa

Paloma’s online world is rooted in nature.

Paloma created Plant the Future — a design studio in the heart of Miami — for people to coexist with nature in a profound way. It’s a world where positivity thrives, curiosity is developed and knowledge is sought after. Her work has garnered so much attention that Paloma gets commissioned to create spaces across the world where plants and art intermingle. And her domain name, plantthefuture.com, shows the world what’s possible when we incorporate nature into our everyday lives.

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She’s all about creating gorgeous spaces.

From hotel lobbies to penthouse suites, Paloma’s plant artwork has adorned them all. To see faces and shapes pulled out of moss and walls is astounding. It’s like the walls are alive — which, technically they are. But the overwhelming feeling one gets when they’re in one of her spaces is the feeling of safety and calm. Paloma wants customers on her website to feel the same, so she has an SSL certificate that lets them shop with confidence.

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