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Great domains for builders, real estate agents & other property services pros

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Andrea Rowland

You’re in the business of helping us at the places we call home. Cleaning our condos. Unclogging our drains. Insuring our apartment rentals. Building our dream homes. Pruning our bougainvilleas. We turn to you for the myriad services we need to buy, sell or maintain the spaces we inhabit.

Or we would, if we knew about you.

Chances are, we’re going to go online to find whatever type of property service we need. House painter? Google it. Interior designer? Ditto. You want your business to pop up in those search results. And you want your domain name to help set you apart in the cyber sea of competition.

Your domain is your real estate on the web.

It’s the heart of your website address, the unique digital nameplate that marks your presence on the Internet. It’s your one-of-a-kind online business sign — a key brand element that can attract the attention of potential customers. That’s to say, it’s really, really important.

So important, in fact, that it pays to take the time to think about all your domain name options. Yup, you’ve got choices. And a smart online naming strategy involves exploring numerous domain options and, in many cases, registering more than one domain to represent your business online.

Why register multiple domain names?

You’ve got a .com domain and yes, it’s a bit longer than you’d like (am I right?) but you’re happy with it. Great. The traditional .com remains the most popular domain extension and enjoys widespread recognition. If you can get a great .com, you should.

That said, there are a few reasons you might want to grab additional domains:

To pivot for growth. Say you’re a home builder in Hoboken and you’ve got a website at New single family homes have always been your bread and butter, but you’ve also earned a strong reputation for environmentally friendly construction. You can register another domain name — like — that highlights this area of expertise. Doing so might help your search engine ranking when potential customers look online for green home construction services, driving more traffic to your website.

To protect your brand. One easy way to help protect your brand online is by registering multiple domain names in bulk. Simply put, if you own a domain, your competition doesn’t.

To identify with a local market. If you also build homes for clients in nearby New York, it’s important to make that local connection clear in your website address. You might register a domain like We’ll talk more about geo-specific domains soon.

To identify with a specific industry. The availability of hundreds of new industry-specific domain extensions makes it easier than ever before to highlight your affiliation online.

These domains are meant for you

Now, let’s look at some specific domain name extensions that can help you be more successful online if you’re in the property services industry.

If you'RE a ...Check out these domain extensions
Real estate, .net, .house, .rent, .casa, .forsale, .rentals, .agency, .associates, .auction, .video, .photos, .guru, .expert, .services, .gallery, .solutions, .condos, .land, .property, .properties, .sale, .net,, .lighting, .house, .services, .tips, .ninja, .solutions, .net, .plumbing, .repair, .guru, .ninja, .services, .house, .tips, .solutions, .net, .guru, .ninja, .services, .house, .apartments, .tips
Interior, .net, .design, .guru, .agency, .services, .house, .space, .tips
Landscaper/pool, .net, .garden, .land, .repair, .guru, .services, .tips, .house, .apartments, .space, .solutions, .green, .net, .build, .builders, .contractors, .construction, .repair, .guru, .services, .house, .apartments, .condos,
Insurance, .net, .insure, .claims, .mortgage, .services, .house, .apartments, .condos, .associates, .tips, .solutions
Property, .net, .management, .properties,, .guru, .video, agency, .associates, .services, .house, .apartments, .casa, .rent, .condos, .solutions, .net, .repair, .guru, .expert, .services, .house, .solutions, .tools, .net, .cleaning, .house, .apartments, .services, .solutions, .tips

The local edge

Since an astounding 97 percent of consumers turn to the web to find local products and services, it also makes sense to register geo-specific domain names. Own an electrical company in Las Vegas? Pick up to tell potential customers what you do and where you do it at a glance. Rent properties from Anchorage to Zurich? Show your global reach with a website address such as

Sell products or services online?

If you happen to sell products through your website, you might benefit from an e-commerce domain extension. Check out options such as .bargains, .deals and .sale.

New naming opportunities

Still can’t secure that perfect website address? No worries. New domains become available all the time, so patience and perseverance can pay off. If you’re a GoDaddy customer, it’s easy to sign up to follow extensions like , .real estate, .realtor and .insurance so you’ll know right away when they’re available for registration. Plus, a wave of previously unavailable domain names with a variety of popular extensions now are hitting the market. Get ‘em while they’re hot!

It’s simple to point different domains to the same primary website. This can help your business gain greater visibility, more traffic, and, ultimately, more customers. And building your business is what it’s all about, right?

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