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Take the long view

I’m not gonna lie: Real estate blogging can be exhausting. You have to think of article topics, narrow them down to one and finally write that stellar post — only to do it all again in a week. Just thinking of real estate blog ideas can be a full-time job, especially since you need to post regularly for maximum effectiveness. When you blog regularly, the well of ideas can sometimes run dry. It’s just a casualty of the gig.

But coming up with fresh article topics doesn’t have to be hard. Setting up an editorial calendar is the first step.

Do yourself a favor: Set up a calendar

For any blog to have legs, it needs an editorial calendar, listing the real estate blog ideas you plan to address each month. By planning in advance what topic you’ll be covering, there’ll be no last-minute panic when it’s time to write a post. And at the end of the year, what you’ve published will look — and sound — cohesive.

Start by committing to posting two articles a month. Then hold yourself to it.


Think about your favorite blogs, real estate or otherwise. How frequently do they publish? Once a week? Twice a week? Every day? The first thing you need to determine is frequency and then stick to that model. Since you may just be starting this real estate blog venture, let’s say you’ll post twice a month. Now, this might seem like a lot, but your posts need to be only 500 to 700 words. If you know subject matter like you should, you could write both posts in an hour.

Now, you can set up your editorial calendar in several ways. The easiest way is to determine monthly topics, then, within those topics, decide the top two areas you’d like to dive into. As you probably know, one hot topic right now is millennials. The older millennials are finally starting to buy houses. And, let’s be honest, you could probably do an entire year’s worth of posts just about first-time home buying. (That’s actually a good idea.)

A few real estate blog ideas to get you started

Real Estate Blog Ideas Condos

If we start with the subject area above, millennial home buyers, our list of real estate blog ideas might include:

Renting vs. buying. Is buying better than renting? Why? Explain the benefits of putting your money into something you’ll own in the end.

Resources. How can you help a first-time home buyer? Millennials are all about apps and research. Help them find the best apps out there.

Financing a home. Most first-time home buyers, unless they have the guidance of a parent, won’t understand the intricacies of a mortgage. Write about it!

Topics that play up your local expertise.

Whether moving from out of town or across the park, your clients expect you to know all there is to know about the local landmarks, neighborhoods, schools and events. Blogging about these topics gives them the information they crave. Here are a few slam dunks:

  • What’s the most incredible benefit of living in your city or town?
  • Write about the schools in town.
  • Does your city have a growing job market? Cite the latest numbers.
  • Create a list of resources for relocating to your area (moving companies, internet providers, etc).
  • Are there popular annual events in your city? Write about your experiences.
  • What are the best restaurants in town? What’s your favorite dish at each and why?
  • What’s your favorite gym in town and why?
  • Are there special sites/landmarks in your town? What makes them notable?

Think outside the sales box

Sure, you want to promote your services, but blogging is more about the soft sale. Try some of these article ideas to gain your readers’ respect and interest:

More about mortgages. Educate first-time home buyers with articles on topics like the financial consequences of selling your starter home before the mortgage is paid off.

Home inspectors. What certifications should the reader look for in an inspector? What questions should they ask their inspector?

Interior design. While the DIY market is huge, some people would rather pay for interior design to ensure it’s done right. Who’s the best in town?

Get more topic ideas in this terrific post for real estate bloggers.

Pictures and links improve your blog’s curb appeal

Real Estate Blog Ideas Air Balloons

Once you’ve written a blog post, you’ll need to look for images and links that could be useful to your audience. For example, if you look through this post, you’ll see hyperlinks to articles that go more in-depth into a particular subject. When the reader sees them, they know they can click them to get more info.

Use pictures of your current properties and/or stock images to make your blog posts appealing.

Images are also important because they improve the readability of your blog. You’re selling homes, after all, and the first thing potential buyer wants to see is photos. Even articles about generic topics like “How big a mortgage can you afford?” or “Finding your new neighborhood” should have photos. Showing up to an article or blog post that lacks images can make some people not read at all. You don’t want that.

But you can’t just use any photo you find on the web. That could get you into copyright trouble. You can either take pictures of your current properties for use in your posts and/or find a stock image site where photos are free of use restrictions (aka royalty-free).

Take advantage of social media and video

If you don’t have a business page on social media like Facebook, do it now. It will make your blogging life infinitely easier. Did you know you can embed Facebook posts on your blog or website? It’s true. So, if you aren’t on social media, you should be.

Fresh out of real estate blog ideas? Embed one of your most popular Facebook posts — it’s the easiest blog content in the world. The added benefit is that people can then click on the post, go to your FB page and give you a Like. You should also check out Facebook Live — use it to embed to your blog either as a standalone post or to add oomph to a longer piece.

Think about it: You get the listing of a lifetime. You walk through taking photos of each room and set up a virtual tour on your website. That’s great, but wouldn’t a live video be so much better? Your followers are always notified when your page is “live.” Even better, you can reshare the video, and then embed it in a blog post on your website. Slam. Dunk.

As always, it’s imperative that you write and record video with your target audience in mind, whatever that may be. If you’re writing for first-time home buyers, write at their level. Don’t “talk” down to them because that’s a major turn off. If you think you’re over-explaining things, you’re probably right.

Ready, set, blog!

Those who’ve been blogging about real estate for awhile know there’s a bit of planning involved. Do some thinking upfront and you’ll not only save yourself time and frustration later, you’ll end up with a blog that people read and share with friends. The more unique you can be with your real estate blog ideas, the more home buyers will flock to you for help finding the homes of their dreams. The sky’s the limit.

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Mar Andras is a Philadelphia-based business owner and writer. A former community journalist and photographer, Mar has worked behind the scenes as a ghostwriter and social media/content marketer for nearly a decade. When she’s not giving tips on how to use social marketing for business, she spends her time writing essays for likes of VOX and is penning a memoir about Alzheimer’s and her childhood. When she’s not doing those things, you can find her on Instagram or Twitter posting gratuitous photos of her cat.