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Whether it’s your first domain name or your tenth, it can be daunting to come up with the perfect domain name for your business. You throw in the fact that millions of domains have already been registered, and it’s likely your first choice is taken. But it’s still important you have a memorable domain name that accurately conveys who and what you are. Luckily for us, domain name suggestion tools are found in abundance on the internet.

My next door neighbor Melissa recently became a virtual assistant, so we sat down to see what domain name suggestions tools she likes.

5 domain name suggestion tools

Melissa needed a domain for her venture, so we tried a few different avenues for finding a name. Here are our favorites.

  1. GoDaddy domain search.

  2. NameBoy.

  3. Panabee.

  4. NameMesh.

  5. BustAName.

So there you have it — our top five. Keep reading to see a detailed description of each option.

1. GoDaddy domain search

Domain Name Suggestion Tools GoDaddy

Melissa found GoDaddy’s format to be the cleanest and easiest to follow. She especially liked the fact she could chat to an agent online if she wanted. Plus, if she wanted to see what brokers were selling, GoDaddy has new, cool technology to assist in the domain search — their Domain Investor app.

2. NameBoy

Domain Name Suggestion Tools NameBoy

In the early days, NameBoy was my favorite of all domain name suggestion tools. It helped me find a name for the business I had about 10 years ago. It does lend itself to whimsy at times, but it can come up with ideas you may not have thought yourself.

You can enter up to two keywords, and then NameBoy delivers a list of suggested domain names. It is fairly easy to determine which extensions are taken, but it is sadly limited to .com, .net, .org and .info.

3. Panabee

Domain Name Suggestion Tools Panabee

Panabee is a domain and business name generator. Melissa and I found Panabee easy to follow and liked their suggestions. Like most of the others, you start with two keywords, and search for domain name suggestions.

In addition to displaying available domain names, Panabee also shows if your chosen domain name is being used as a social media username.

4. NameMesh

Domain Name Suggestion Tools NameMesh

Super easy to follow, NameMesh results were neatly categorized for us: common, similar, new, SEO, short, fun, extra and mix. Once you search keywords, you can filter results based on domain extension, unregistered domains and maximum length. It will also recommend other searches based on your first.

5. BustAName

Domain Name Suggestion Tools BustAName

BustAName has filtering tools to help you find a domain name that meets your specific needs. You can start by filtering for keywords, and then add options such as “starts” or “ends with” your keyword. You can filter by how you want the domains to look and limit the character length. Try, Make a Random Domain to generate new ideas or snatch up an available name.

Melissa’s take on domain name suggestion tools

Using domain name suggestion tools definitely got Melissa thinking about what she really wants — how can we convey who we are, what we do, and where we do it in so few characters? For some great tips, check out this post to learn about 10 things to consider when choosing your domain name.

Also remember it’s critical these days that your domain name works with your social media presence. It’s great to have your own personal Twitter account, but you need a different account to work with your business. The site lets you check the use of your brand, product, personal name or username instantly on more than 500 social media websites.

Using domain name suggestion tools, and then registering the perfect domain name, is just the first step in your online marketing needs. Like a street address, it’s useless without the physical building. Creating a website doesn’t require an expensive web designer — you can create one easily and inexpensively, for example, using GoCentral Website Builder from GoDaddy. Give your new domain a home.

Image by: therichbrooks via VisualHunt /  CC BY

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