What happens in .vegas, doesn’t stay in .vegas

Dusk 'Til Dawn

What do you think of when someone mentions the word, “Vegas?” Magical venues filled with drinks and entertainment? Roulette tables and scandalous gentleman’s clubs? Or the Bellagio water show lit up against the night sky? Sin City is full of possibilities from dusk ‘til dawn — and when you’re visiting this place of man-made splendor lit up in neon against a desert sky, you don’t want to miss out on a thing.

Even the most seasoned Vegas veterans want to know where to go at the drop of a hat. Enter the new and ever-exclusive .vegas domain extension — a sure bet as a way to grab your customers’ attention. If you’re connected to this magnetic city in any way, a .vegas domain will score you instant geo-recognition.

When you’ve got business in Sin City, a .vegas domain will ensure that what happens on your .vegas website, won’t stay (unnoticed) on your .vegas website.

You might be asking, “What can a .vegas domain extension do for me that other extensions can’t?” Just like this city, the possibilities are endless.

A .vegas domain can help your business get found.

It’s true that Google® currently doesn’t use a domain name to determine search results. For example, cabaretvegas.com is no more likely to show up in the searches than cabaret.vegas. However, it is important to realize that Google is constantly looking for ways to improve its results; so it is likely that if these new domain extensions like .vegas improve search engine rankings, they’ll use it. Imagine if that does happen – when customers start searching for “nightclub Vegas,” nightclub.vegas will be that much easier to find in a sea of other domain extensions.

The real SEO (search engine optimization) benefit comes not from the supposed Google indexing, but from the relevancy associated with your business — which enables your customers to get what they want from their Web searches. With the descriptive .vegas domain extension capping off your business’s website address, it will be easier for people to identify not only what you do, but also where you do it. And it means your business will be quickly and easily identified with Las Vegas for people searching for products and services there.

A custom domain is the best kind of domain.

We’ve all heard it, location is everything – and it’s no different in the world of domains. Any domain name extension that ends in a place, like .vegas or .la, immediately tells your customers where you are located. When tourists travel to Sin City in hopes of getting rich quick, they aren’t going to search for casinos in their hometown — why, that would be just plain silly! Instead, they’re going to search for gambling opportunities in Vegas. A domain name like casinoxyz.vegas immediately tells your customers where you are located, which is exactly what they want.

When you have the ability to completely customize your domain name, you make it easier for customers to identify your business (and its location). And when your customers know exactly what your site entails before even jumping into the content, it might increase the amount of traffic to your site.

Remember that offering relevant content is like throwing down four kings.

When your customers arrive at your .vegas site, just like visitors to Sin City itself, you want them to be awed. Now that they’re there, keep them engaged with relevant content — including strong headlines, compelling video and images, easy access to your social media profiles, and clear calls-to-action. Check out a few Best Practices for Website Content.

Be scandalous and daring, like Vegas. Make the leap and go with a .vegas domain name that speaks for itself. Whether your site hypes Vegas tours or cheap show tickets, sells Sin City souvenirs or take-out sushi on the Strip, wow and dazzle your customers with a name that will leave no one guessing and everyone wanting more.

The .vegas domain is coming soon … click here to stay up-to-date.