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A new solution for web designers and developers

Editor’s note: Pro Managed WordPress is gradually rolling across regions. Switch your location setting to United States or Canada on to access the Pro Managed WordPress product page.

In 2014 GoDaddy disrupted the WordPress industry by introducing Managed WordPress hosting at a fraction of the cost of competitors, delivering a high-performance product at an unbeatable price. That was our first WordPress product. Since then, our managed WordPress platform has become the largest in the world, as well as the world’s largest paid WordPress host with millions of WordPress sites under management.

As the market leader, we have a responsibility to our customers and to the WordPress community.


So, we took a step back to evaluate where we stood and knew we needed to make some changes.

We’ve learned a lot over the last few years.

Over the last few years we’ve learned a lot about WordPress hosting, the community, and our customers’ needs. Those needs are very different based on who they are. For example, the difference between a small business owner creating their own WordPress site, versus a professional web designer or developer creating and managing multiple websites for clients.

We also learned that our initial Managed WordPress hosting product works really well for the small business owner. They’re managing their own site because we handle a lot of the backend administrative hosting tasks: daily backups, server optimization, caching, and updates.

But we also learned that web professionals, who want the time-saving benefits of a managed platform, needed a lot more. That includes more control over the sites they build, and dedicated support for more advanced issues.

How do we create a better WordPress experience for web professionals?

We (re)started by assembling a team of WordPress and platform experts. We expanded our WordPress portfolio and talent through the acquisitions of Sucuri, ManageWP and WP Curve. We formed partnerships with great companies like Gravity Forms, Beaver Builder, WP101 and more.

We spoke to customers. We used this opportunity to step back and say, if we could create our dream solution, what would that look like? What would hosting look like? Security? Site management tools? How do we address the pain points that web designers/developers have around building and managing sites and clients?

And from this brain trust of WordPress knowledge came our new solution: Pro Managed WordPress. An advanced WordPress hosting platform with pro-ready features and integrated tools to build and manage sites and clients, all from one place.

Our goal is to empower web professionals to do their best work to grow a business as great as their ambitions.

Pro Managed WordPress: Leveraging technology

GoDaddy Pro Managed WordPress Desktop Image

Technology is what moves us forward. Fire, the wheel, the transistor — all enabled us to do more in less time. In WordPress this means moving up the stack towards ever more performance, more reliability, more efficiency. The problem? It’s expensive.

Most of the hosting industry runs on old technology. Why? Because infrastructure is expensive and hosting is traditionally about density and margins. If you wanted more performance and isolated resources, you had to pay high prices for it. We’re changing that.

You deserve to leverage the latest tools and cutting edge technology at a reasonable price, so that’s what we’re giving you.


How? Scale and world-class innovation that only a public tech company like GoDaddy can deliver.

What does this mean? It means you get:

  • PHP 7.1
  • Free SSL automatically installed on every site
  • A containerized, independently scalable environment.
  • Isolated, dedicated resources
  • Kubernetes container orchestration
  • CEPH Block Storage
  • 4 layers of caching
  • Image CDN
  • 90 days of backups; on-demand, scheduled and downloadable
  • Staging site environment
  • SSH, WP-CLI and Git
  • ManageWP premium tools (GoDaddy Pro Sites)
  • A Gravity Forms license
  • 10,000+ free, high-quality stock images
  • Free themes
  • Dedicated advanced support team

All starting at $10/mo.

That’s a lot of technology, but what does it mean to you and your clients?

Dedicated WordPress hosting plans that grow with your clients’ websites

As a containerized environment, you never have to share resources like CPU cycles, storage, or memory with other users. Every site has its own isolated resources.

With automatic scaling (coming soon), you’ll never have to worry about unexpected traffic spikes, either. Every part of your site’s infrastructure will be independently scalable.

Does a site need more performance, but not more storage? You don’t need to upgrade your plan. Just add the resources you need.

We’re also adding new tools to monitor your resource usage, and even help you diagnose if there’s an issue affecting site performance.

What does this mean for you? More precise control of your clients’ hosting plans, enabling you to provide them with a custom solution perfectly suited to their website.

More control over plugins and updates

Most Managed WordPress hosting is on shared environments, so they use plugin blocklists to prevent potential misuse that could impact other customers. This approach might stop bad actors, but it also limits the choices available for the web professionals who know what they’re doing.

With our Managed WordPress platform, each site occupies its own isolated environment and resources — so you can use whatever plugins you want.

You can also delay WordPress core updates to give you ample time to test your client sites before pushing new updates.

What does this mean for you? Work the way you want to. Use whatever plugins you feel are right for the site you’re building. Run updates according to your own schedule.

Better performance, faster sites, free SSL, and PHP 7

All sites hosted on Pro Managed WordPress get PHP 7 by default. PHP 7, the latest version of PHP, makes significant performance improvements over PHP 5.6.

We’re also including free SSL (unlimited, not just a discount or free trial). It’s auto-installed when the site is created, and if you’re using a GoDaddy domain, we’ll auto-validate it as well.

What does this mean for you? You’re building fast and secure websites for your clients, and creating a great experience for their customers and website visitors.

Negligible downtime

Page speed is important, but availability is even more important.

What good is page speed if a page doesn’t load at all?


With secondary containers using automatic failovers, any server issues and scheduled maintenance are barely noticeable. Traffic is redirected to your secondary container hosted at a different location to insure a minimum of 99.9-percent uptime.

What does this mean for you? No more panicked calls from a client asking why their site is down. And if it does go down, you don’t need to worry — it’ll be back online within a few seconds.

Advanced WordPress support for web professionals

GoDaddy has world-class support for small business, but we fell short when it came to supporting web professionals. All new Pro Managed WordPress plans are supported by Pro Advanced Care, a dedicated team of hosting and WordPress experts.

You’re an expert, an artisan, a master of your craft. You should have support that matches your experience level.

When you call into support you don’t want to be told to deactivate all of your plugins. You need someone who understand what you’re doing, and what you need help with, so you can solve problems together.

Integrated site and client management tools

Pro Managed WordPress is more than just hosting. It’s a full solution to help you save time managing multiple sites and clients, all in one place. We acquired ManageWP, the de facto standard in site management tools, and integrated their advanced features like bulk theme and plugin updates, site monitoring and analysis, cloning, invoicing — a ton of features — all free when you host your sites on Pro Managed WordPress.

Why should you trust us?

We know we have to do a lot to earn your trust. Five years ago, GoDaddy wasn’t involved in the WordPress community; we were the mammoth host that made money off of WordPress without giving back.

We’ve made some big strides in changing that, and will continue to ramp up our commitment to the WordPress community.

For the last several years, GoDaddy has sponsored WordCamps globally, and we support a full-time core contributor, Aaron Campbell. We’ve also provided translations for core and top plugins across multiple languages, developed a free WordPress onboarding plugin, and contributed to the theme repository with high-quality free premium themes.

This is just the beginning … we need to do more, and we will.

Gabriel Mays
Gabriel A. Mays has been using WordPress as a platform since 2009. Previously, he was a Captain in the Marine Corps. A combat veteran, he spent two years between Iraq and Afghanistan operating on small, embedded teams. Gabe left the Marine Corps to found two startups, both built on WordPress. He’s an avid real estate investor who’s married to Corrie, an active duty Marine F/A-18 aviator. Gabe leads WordPress products and strategy at GoDaddy to help SMBs build businesses as great as their ambitions. Connect with Gabe on LinkedIn.