The best real estate domain names for your website

Make an indelible impression

In the extremely competitive world of modern real estate, getting found by prospective buyers and sellers is of the utmost importance. Since practically everyone who goes looking for a real estate professional will do so online, getting the right domain name for your business website is one of the best ways to improve your visibility. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind to find the best real estate domain name for your site.

4 tips on naming your real estate website

First impressions matter — especially in real estate. Present a professional face to the world with the right web address. Follow these tips.

  1. Keep it short and sweet.

  2. Include your location.

  3. Use new options to your advantage.

  4. Make it distinctive.

Ready to come up with a real estate domain name for your business? Keep reading for tips on getting a great one.

1. Keep it short and sweet

Though it can be tempting to make your domain name long and detailed, it’s actually far better to keep it short so visitors will remember it. The decision to buy or sell real estate is almost never made on impulse, meaning that the people you will do business with will likely scout out your site and those of your competition before making that decision. For this reason, you need something that a visitor will later be able to easily recall.

Another area where a short, memorable domain name will come in handy is in offline marketing. For example, suppose you choose to advertise your real estate business through an ad on local television or radio. Of course, you’ll mention the name of your website in those ads, but the people who hear it will still need to be able to remember it later in order to find it.

If you plan on doing offline promotion for your business, the need for a short and snappy domain name becomes even greater.

You should also avoid confusing names or alternative spellings, as these can make it harder for people who hear your site’s name spoken out loud to find it using a text-based search.

Best Real Estate Domain Names Nathan’s
Consider your domain name a prime piece of promotional real estate.
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Just because your domain name should be short, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t communicate some valuable information about your business in it.

The best real estate domain names specifically say something about the agency’s services.


A real estate agent, for example, might use a domain name with the words “for sale” in it to indicate that he or she is a retail seller of homes and properties. Basic information such as this will tell your customers that your site is what they’re looking for when they see it in search engine results.

2. Include your location

Unlike consumer products, people search for real estate by the geographic place in which it is located, typing something like “homes for sale + location” into Google. This is why many of the best real estate domain names include a location name.

For example, a real estate agent selling properties in Tucson, Ariz. might use to provide immediate recognition for those searching for homes on the web.

Like information about what your real estate business does, the inclusion of geographic information will tell people who see your website in search results that you can fulfill their real estate needs. This can also be useful for getting relevant customers to see your results in the first place, as search engines will rank your domain higher for searches specific to your location.

There are domain extensions for cities you can use to further customize your web address. Now available: .NYC, .boston, .LA and many others.

Best Real Estate Domain Names Tucson
Adding your location to your domain name quickly tells house hunters you have what they want.
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Including geographic information for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes doesn’t stop at your domain name. Once you’ve purchased it and built a website, you should incorporate location-specific keywords into your page names and on-site content as much as possible.

You might also consider writing a series of blog posts that include your city’s name and various real estate keywords, as this can improve the rankings of your website. Even if you have one of the best real estate domain names possible, on-page optimization should still be a key part of your overall business plan. Read more about optimizing your website for search engines here.

3. Use new options to your advantage

The vast majority of domain names end in .com, and many people are familiar with other extensions such as .net, .org and .gov. What you might not be aware of, though, is the huge variety of newer domain extensions  that are available. Many of these new extensions are perfect for naming real estate websites:


Though .com still serves as the go-to for most websites, looking into these less common alternatives can allow you to snag a better name for your real estate website.

Why not try it now? 

4. Make it distinctive

When you’re working in a highly localized business such as real estate, it’s important to set the identity of your agency apart from your competitors. If your domain name is too similar to one used on a competitor’s site, you could end up inadvertently confusing potential customers.

Best Real Estate Domain Names San Juan
A distinctive domain name (web address) can help set you apart from other local agents.
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Before you select a domain name, search out a few of your known competitors and make sure the names you have in mind are distinguishable from theirs. In coming up with unique names, the various extensions mentioned above can be particularly useful if the majority of the competing agencies in your area use the basic .com extension for their sites. If all else fails, you can use your own name as the domain name and work on personal branding to get your real estate business noticed.

Crafting the best real estate domain names

Coming up with the best real estate domain names can be challenging, but finding the right one can help get your business off to a great start. If you aren’t quite sure what domain name you want yet, give it some thought before buying one and starting your site. Though you can always transfer listings and content to a different domain, later on, it’s much easier to start off with the right domain and stick with it. When you do decide on the right name, however, be sure to buy it quickly. Since anyone else could grab it if you wait, you should make sure you’re the one who gets it first.

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