Unique Business Ideas

Unique business ideas are the foundation on which the U.S. economy was built. The American Dream is an ethos that further supports our society’s belief in innovation and hard work. There are examples of unique business ideas in every business sector. From technological advances like the personalized computer to healthcare innovations like the pacemaker, innovation shapes society and industries.

Bringing a unique business idea to fruition requires research, expertise, and a little bit of luck.

The resources on this page will give you insight into unique business ideas in a variety of industries:

  1. Freelance and side hustles.

  2. Food and beverage.

  3. Real estate and property services.

  4. Design and development.

  5. Health and wellness.

  6. Retail and eCommerce.

  7. Creative services.

  8. Professional services.

  9. Trade services.

  10. Education and nonprofit.

  11. Science and innovation.

  12. Events and hospitality.

  13. Pet services.

To get started with brainstorming a unique business idea, try finding a solution to a problem.

Jeff Attinella launched a successful children’s book publishing company that focused on solving a problem in the children’s literature space. The problem he solved was a lack of children’s books written about sports history. His sports-themed books retelling historical sports moments helped fill that void in the market.

As an entrepreneur, look at inefficiencies and problems in your surroundings as inspiration for business ideas.

If something in your life causes you distress or takes up valuable time, you’re probably not alone, and there may very well be a unique business idea waiting to solve that problem.

When people think of unique business ideas, they often think of popular inventions and multi-million-dollar products like the infamous Snuggie. However, you don’t need to go on “Shark Tank” to build a successful business — simply look for opportunities within your local market.

By conducting research and assessing consumer demand, you may be able to find business opportunities in a starved market.

For instance, you might discover that you have an unusually high amount of pet owners in your community and no quality carpet cleaning service within the city limits. Using this information, you could start a carpet cleaning business.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to find unique business ideas.


Want to give entrepreneurship a test drive first? Look into freelancing and side hustles. The gig-economy has given entrepreneurs the opportunity to follow their dreams while mitigating some of the financial risks. Entrepreneurs can use freelance writing, ridesharing, or even dog-sitting to supplement their financial responsibilities while the flexible schedule from side hustles give the freedom to pursue their business ideas.

Moreover, many entrepreneurs are finding lucrative opportunities from these side hustles and turning that into their full-time business. For instance, freelance writers are finding that many marketing firms prefer to contract work to freelancers instead of hiring full-time writers. This, in turn, is increasing the demand for quality contract writers — making it advantageous to devote more time to freelance writing.

Creative entrepreneurs can find unique business ideas almost anywhere they look. While it’s wise to start with solving a problem, you can also find opportunities in markets that are underserved.

To help you brainstorm your next unique business idea, consider reviewing the industry information below. The stories and insights for each business sector can provide some clarity on potential business opportunities for you to pursue.

Freelance & Side Hustles

Food & Beverage

Real Estate & Property Services

Design & Development

Health & Wellness

Retail & Ecommerce

Creative Services

Professional Services

Trade Services

Education & Nonprofit

Science & Innovation

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