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What digital marketing collateral do you need to thrive online?

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Belinda Mountain

As a small thriving business, it makes sense to leverage as many marketing tools as possible to grow your brand. You may not be a household name (yet), but one sure-fire way to get closer to world domination is to harness all of the power from a holistic marketing suite – aka digital marketing collateral.

What does digital marketing collateral mean?

Digital marketing collateral is the messaging you use on various online platforms to share with your audience on a regular basis. It’s often used to encourage a positive rapport, help your audience learn about your products or services and ultimately sell, sell, sell.

Marketing collateral examples from GoDaddy Studio

With all this in mind, you might be wondering:

  • What marketing collateral do I currently have?
  • What am I missing?

Answering these questions can be hard if you don’t know what options are available to you. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! Keep reading to learn where to start.

Below you’ll find a list of fundamental examples to help boost your digital marketing collateral.

Review them all to see which ones you might be missing out on, or discover ones that could fit well with your brand and offering.

Your logo is your business’s very first introduction to the world, so it needs to neatly encapsulate all that you do and all that you are. While it’s the foundation of your brand’s identity, we understand you may not have the budget to pay a designer to develop one for you.

Luckily, GoDaddy Studio has you covered with plenty of logo templates to create one on your own.

Use it to easily experiment with color variations and customize as you see fit. Then, add your logo to all your digital marketing collateral to fly your brand’s flag with pride.

Logo Marketing collateral examples from GoDaddy Studio

Instagram content

It’s hard to imagine anyone who isn’t clued-up with this social media behemoth. Instagram is one of the most powerful forms of digital marketing collateral to promote with and many brands benefit by posting stunning visuals to engage their viewers. Additionally, it’s the perfect place to connect your followers to the rest of your brand’s activities via a “Link in Bio” post.

When it comes to marketing on Instagram, a good rule of thumb is to make sure your content is consistent and beautiful for maximum engagement. Remember, static posts aren’t the only thing you’ll need to craft on a regular basis. Think about ways to also incorporate video into things like:

  • Stories
  • Instagram TV
  • Paid ads
  • Carousels

Within GoDaddy Studio, Instagram is perhaps the most popular category to create with. There are thousands of carefully curated IG Post and Story designs just waiting for you to explore. Choose from your favorites and have fun personalizing your brand and message the way you want.

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Instagram Marketing collateral examples from GoDaddy Studio

Facebook content

To help your Facebook content stand out from the rest, it’s worth spending time designing a post with fun graphics and fonts. Jazz up standard pictures and text with a range of designs or create a cover at the top of your page to keep your branding coherent and attractive.

Not sure what size or resolution to format your images? You don’t need to be a designer to have it all figured out. Simply choose the right template using GoDaddy Studio for a quick and easy solution in no time.

With Facebook, engagement is key.

This means it’s less about the hard sell and more about reaching your customers where they spend their time most. It’s important to give them content they’ll find interesting and likely to share with others.

Bear in mind that Facebook recently launched a new “Click to Chat” (CTX) capability that allows users to click through a post to directly message you. Not only is this great for engagement, but it could also be a game changer if your business relies on leads through Facebook.

It’s definitely worth looking into if you plan on growing your audience with this platform.

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Facebook Marketing collateral examples from GoDaddy Studio

Pinterest content

Selling through Pinterest? Then you’ll want to go for eye-catching graphics and aesthetically pleasing photographs. Choosing visual themes that are on-brand for your business is key to success here — especially since it’s the place people visit most for visual inspiration.

No matter what industry you’re in, you're sure to find a related audience on this platform. Popular categories include:

  • Recipes
  • Style and décor tips
  • Gift guides and craft ideas
  • Inspirational quotes

Pinterest is also a brilliant space to grab attention with visual content that links to your website or shop. The secret is to create ultra-shareable content that entices your audience, while still adhering to your brand’s unique look and feel.

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Pinterest Marketing collateral examples from GoDaddy Studio

Flyers and posters

Before the advent of cellphones, posters were often slapped on street corners as a way of letting people know about your business. And they still are today – it’s just that now they’re mostly shared in digital formats. You can use posters to advertise or communicate:

  • Events you’re holding
  • Special discounts or promotions
  • New holiday hours or store closures

This type of digital marketing collateral is an extremely versatile option that can really benefit your marketing suite. It also tends to invite some design flair, seeing as poster design is regarded as an art form unto itself. The opportunity to make an impact with bold, eye-catching design can often offer rewarding new ways to connect with your audience.

Flyer and Poster Marketing collateral examples from GoDaddy Studio

Banners and ads are a vital part of getting your name out there in the digital universe, beyond your own website and social pages. An ad may be the very first time a potential customer lays their eyes on your brand or offering, so they’re hugely important. This form of digital marketing collateral can appear as a graphics across:

  • Facebook feeds
  • Third-party websites
  • Email newsletters (think quick discount flash sales)

When designing, consider creating a selection of ads in different sizes and specs. This will help you better prepare for quick sales and advertising opportunities, since your banners will be ready to go.

Banner Ad Marketing collateral examples from GoDaddy Studio


Who doesn’t love an inspirational quote? They’re incredibly relatable and people often share with others when they feel inspired by a certain phrase or idea. The right words could be the thing that motivates viewers to:

  • Get out of bed for the day
  • Try something new
  • Encourage acts of kindness

Brands often use this type of digital marketing collateral to attract new viewers to their site and eventually convert them into new customers. This is why it’s important to include a clear handle or company name on any quote graphics you design.

Additionally, tying your quotes into your brand’s purpose and story is an important factor that will help develop your unique persona online. Make sure to hone in on the topics that are important to you and your audience for the best results.

Quote Marketing collateral examples from GoDaddy Studio

Business cards

You may think these are quaint relics from days gone by, but nostalgia helps it remain an ongoing trend. Many people relish hard copies of things like physical business cards, which makes it a handy sales tool you can as digital marketing collateral. Business cards are great for handing out at:

  • Meetings
  • Trade shows
  • Social occasions
  • Professional networking events

A well-designed business card can also be a powerful way to encourage someone to connect with your business for the first time. If you’d like to print out your cards, remember to save them as a PDF file when exporting your project from GoDaddy Studio.

Business card marketing collateral examples from GoDaddy Studio

Profile picture

Want to jazz up that plain selfie a bit with something more artistic? Profile pictures are essential to put a face (or faces) behind the name.  The best way to do this is to have a coherent look and feel – something that really pops. Keep this in mind as you showcase your team or any other people associated with your brand’s work.

Not only is this an excellent way to humanize your brand, but it also makes your profile more relatable to viewers. Adding a unique design will only enhance this positive perception and can include things like:

  • Colorful borders
  • Illustrated graphics
  • Photo filters
  • Stickers

Take a look at the templates on GoDaddy Studio to find something that sets your profile picture apart from the rest. And don’t forget to try out the Remove Background tool to experiment with cutouts for a fun collage effect.

Profile picture marketing collateral examples from GoDaddy Studio

Web and email headers

Email communication has seen a huge rise in use since the pandemic hit. More people are spending a lot more time at home and email has remained an extremely powerful tool for brands to communicate with their audience.

In many ways, email inboxes are fuller than they ever were.

But this upward trend could mean higher competition for your reader’s attention. People tend to have a lower tolerance for any email communication that is not useful or interesting to them. So be sure that you have an impactful email header that entices viewers to read more or click through to your site.

Don’t forget about the valuable real estate your own website offers, either. If you have a current promotion, or an important message you’d like to communicate, try a website header at the top of your page. It’s typically the first thing people see when they arrive at your home page and a good way to help drive sales.

web and email Marketing collateral examples from GoDaddy Studio

Final thoughts

It’s clear that there are loads of tools to help boost your digital marketing collateral. And as a small business owner, you’re probably already stretched between all the different hats you have to wear.

The best advice is to not choose every single marketing element all at once.

Take your time and avoid scrambling to get it all out there. Quality, rather than quantity, is key here. To simplify your content creation across all platforms, check out GoDaddy Studio to make your design process quick and easy.

*All images available as templates in GoDaddy Studio

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