No representation for your taxation? Get a .tax domain.

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Erik Wong

Sales tax. Income tax. Payroll tax. Value-added tax. Estate tax. Capital gains tax. Property tax. Did I miss any? From our first day on the job to the moment we finally decide to buy instead of rent, we have no choice but to become intimately familiar with the fine art of taxation — or turn to someone who is.

That tax-savvy someone will be easier to find online with a new .tax website address.

The generic top-level domain (gTLD) that would make King George III blush is also the domain extension of choice for professionals in the tax industry. A .tax domain offers ideal online naming opportunities for tax attorneys, accountants, analysts, bookkeeping companies and others who deal with taxes in any way, shape or form.

Disclaimer: This information isn't intended to establish a relationship or advise you on taxes. It's always a good idea to consult a tax professional to learn more.

Why go with .tax?

You might be thinking, “Sure, I pay taxes, but I don’t use an accountant. Why would I pay attention to one of these .tax domains if I don’t need a CPA?” Planning a vacation and want to know what the sales tax is in each state? Or maybe you want to know or compile a breakdown of the average tax return amount per age bracket so you can plan your finances ahead of time. Or you want to blog about the adventures of some less-than-sharp friends of yours. (Ever hear of the “idiot tax?”)

Chances are you’ll be able to find all that information and more on a website with a .tax address.

If you’re a tax professional, a descriptive .tax website address can help your business distinguish itself as one that takes its role seriously. And for all of you bloggers or creative minds out there, a .tax domain name can give your idea the standout look it deserves to attract the attention you need.

A .tax domain is short, sweet, and most importantly, versatile. The professional value is obvious, the personal value, creative. A website address of this caliber is expected to be a hot commodity, so don’t hesitate to hop online or contact our award-winning support to help you find the perfect .tax address.

The new .tax domain extension rolls into the  “General Availability” phase for public registration on August 20 — but you can begin to secure a strong .tax website address now by checking out your pre-registration options. The right Web address is just a few clicks away.

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