3 website design tips for the DIYer

Keep it simple stupid
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If your budget doesn’t allow for a professional developer, it is possible to successfully design a website for your business by yourself. Let’s start with some basics. Here are three fundamental website design tips that will make your small business website shine online:

1.  Less is more.

Keep the design and content uncluttered (utilize white space). What constitutes clutter? Think of the last website you went to that inundated you with pop-ups, ads, and information overload. Your clean and minimal website design can be a respite from competitors’ overwhelming sites.

2.  Keep the text easy to read.

Consider the font type, size, and colors. While a cursive font might add character to the site, if it is difficult to read, site visitors won’t stick around long enough to appreciate the rest of your site’s charm. Ever find yourself squinting at the screen? Avoid super-small font. Make sure the colors you use are easy to read. Bright yellow font on a white background isn’t going to keep visitors on your site for very long! You can read additional information about why font is so important for your site here.

3.  Consider “visual hierarchy.”

Did you just say “what?” out loud? Don’t worry, visual hierarchy just refers to the natural pattern people follow when viewing a website page. We tend to look at a website page from top to bottom and from left to right. What does that have to do with design? Think about the most important thing on your Web page. Let’s say that is a newsletter sign-up button. Now that you’ve been schooled on visual hierarchy, you know you’ll want to put the button in the top, left corner of the page for maximum exposure.

See how easy that was? You now know the basic website design principles every professional designer uses, and our three basic design tips are simple enough that you can incorporate them into the website you’re designing now!

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