Increase revenue and brand awareness with email newsletters

Simple steps, great results

One of our customers,, shared their objectives for email newsletters with us. They sell motorcycle accessories in Colombia. Using GoDaddy email newsletters, Pamotos set out to increase revenue and increase awareness of their brand in the motorcycle industry.

These are two of the most achievable benefits from sending email newsletters.

Increase revenue with email newsletters

In a separate GoDaddy email newsletter, Pamotos markets their motorcycle products, announcing new brands and sales to their subscribers. They incentivize readers to buy by including ‘first looks’ at new products and their best promotions. Pamotos records a conversion rate of about 1% on these emails. They may not sound like a lot, but it’s enough to make a difference to their bottom line.

Increase Revenue Motorcycle

Pamotos has gotten their suppliers to use them for product launches and now are able to leverage the margins for these events, increasing their bottom line.

“We are very happy,” Alejandro concludes, “GoDaddy not only helps us engage more with our customers, it also help us leverage our negotiations with our suppliers, which at the end of the day allows us to create more value for the company.”

Boost brand awareness with email newsletters

Pamotos’ email newsletters focus on motorcycle products and motorcycle news. By having a small team of people in their company covering local and national motorcycle events, they create content for their blog with interesting articles, photos and videos. Every two weeks, they select the most relevant articles and include them in a GoDaddy email newsletter which is sent to an audience of close to 45,000 subscribers. The links in these email newsletters go straight to their blog where subscribers can read about new bikes, new bike gear, motorcycle gear reviews, local and international events.

Pamotos has identified that customers visit their site, with intentions to buy, 2 to 4 times a year. Sending two email newsletters each month helps them stay present in their customers’ minds. They have consistent view rates of about 20%.

By sending relevant content on a regular basis, Pamotos is establishing themselves as ‘experts’ in their field and also positioning their brand as the go-to source for new products and breaking news. Alejandro Gonzalez, Pamotos Digital Marketing Manager, concludes that visits to their site have value aside from purchasing, “It’s really important to have our clients visit our website on a regular basis, and not only when they’re going to buy something.” Email newsletters drive traffic to your website. Even if a reader doesn’t purchase something every time they visit (which is highly unlikely,) their continued readership indicates they are engaged with your brand!

Setting sales goals or site traffic goals is a lovely way to get the most out of your email newsletters. Think of your emails as a chance to inform a friend about all that’s been going on with you. With concentrated efforts, you can increase revenue and awareness for your brand with your newsletters.

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