The Always Open Small Business [Infographic]

Hustle inside, polished outside

Customer expectations are creating a competitive and fast-paced landscape for small business owners. Many aren’t using current technology tools to help deliver a great customer experience.

Customers are especially picky about online presence, response time and overall professionalism. According to the results of a recent survey sponsored by GoDaddy, customers are nine times more likely to choose a business that uses an email address that matches their website domain name, with more than half of them (65 percent) noting the importance of a modern website for first impressions. Fifty-three percent expect a response from a business within four hours of sending an email, with twenty-five percent of respondents expecting a response within one hour.

Small Business Infographic

Jennifer Dunn
Jennifer Dunn is the Community Manager for GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping and the owner of Social Street, an Atlanta-based social media consulting firm with an emphasis on providing web content. She has transferred her passion for moving people with the written word into diverse experiences in marketing, market and media research, management, and communications. If she hasn't learned something new in a day then it's not time for bed yet.