Standout tools: GoCentral Google My Business Listing feature

Get on the map

If you’re running a brick-and-mortar or service area business, you know the importance of local search. After all, consumers usually search the web for products or services near them when they’re close to making a purchase. A high-quality online business listing can help you reach customers in your area, but setting one up can be daunting.

Introducing the GoCentral Google My Business Listing feature

We know you’re busy running your business, so we’re pleased to announce the launch of Google My Business (GMB) Listing by GoCentral — GoDaddy’s all-in-one website builder.

Currently, this is the only website builder tool that allows users to create and manage their GMB listings at no extra charge and without complicated add-ons.

Google My Business Listing GoCentral Dashboard
GoCentral users can create and manage their GMB listings right from the GoCentral dashboard.

GoCentral’s Google My Business listing feature makes it easier for local consumers to find your business via Google Web Search and Google Maps, and even improves your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) ranking.

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Who’s it for?

If you’re looking to attract local customers without spending a lot of time or expense, the GoCentral Google My Business feature is for you. It’s available now to all GoCentral customers in the Business Plus and Online Store (eCommerce) plans.

What problem does it solve?

While most entrepreneurs recognize the importance of local search, many may not be aware that they can set up a Google My Business listing for their business. Setting up the listing can be tricky and keeping the information accurate can be time-consuming. And of course, most business owners’ lives are complex enough without having to learn another online tool and remember yet another password.

Google My Business Listing Cambridge Brewing
Consumers are searching for businesses like yours. Connecting your website to a Google My Business listing ensures that the information about your business on Google is accurate and discoverable.

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How does GoCentral’s Google My Business Listing feature help?

First, GoCentral will guide you through the setup process and create your Google My Business listing using the information from your website. In some markets, like the U.S., we’ll review your listing for errors or problems before submitting to Google so that it gets published faster.

Google My Business Listing Type
GoCentral’s Google My Business listing feature guides you through the process of creating your listing.

Once your listing is published, you’ll be able to see how many potential customers you’re reaching, monitor your rating and even reply to reviews — all from your GoCentral dashboard.

Google My Business Listing Monitor
With the GoCentral Google My Business listing feature, you can monitor your listing right from your GoCentral account.

Save time and reach more customers

Meet Scott Cooper, owner of Meadhall, a gastropub featuring craft beers and meads in the heart of Cambridge, Mass. — home to world-class universities and a thriving tech scene. Scott and his team built the Meadhall website using GoCentral Website Builder. After that, they created their GMB listing in GoCentral, quickly earning a stellar 4.3-star rating.

Google My Business Listing Meadhall
Meadhall’s Google My Business listing shows up in web and map search and is connected to its GoCentral website.

The GoCentral Google My Business feature is so easy to set up, you might not even realize it’s there. Scott’s employee, Stephanie, set it up without even realizing it while building the website. She says:

“It was very easy. It was all step-by-step and easy to follow.”

Now when local diners search Google for great beer in Cambridge, they’re sure to see Meadhall’s favorable reviews, as well as up-to-date information such as hours, location and website address. And chances are, many will pop over to the site to check out the menu. And hopefully, pop in for a meal. “I don’t really care if we have any visitors to our website,” says Scott. “I want visitors to our restaurant.”

GoCentral’s Google My Business Listing feature is a tangible benefit to help business owners attract local customers.


Small businesses that create GMB listings through GoCentral are seeing impressive results. On average, GoCentral users who create a Google My Business listing get:

  • 1,642 additional search views
  • 13 additional phone calls
  • 47 additional clicks to their website

They’re getting noticed and in a good way: 82 percent of all reviews are 5 stars!

Ready to attract customers in your neck of the woods?

Head over to GoCentral and create your Google My Business listing today to be discovered in Google Web Search and Google Maps search results. Local customers are just a few clicks away!

Image by: Kelsey Knight on Unsplash