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Today’s consumers are searching for products and services both online and off. They’re scanning search engine results on their smartphones much like they take in storefront signs while walking down Main Street.

Are they going to find your small business?

In a new webinar hosted by the Atlanta Tribune’s Brent Leary, GoDaddy’s own remarkable Rajes — Raj Mukherjee, senior VP of Presence and Commerce, and Raj Nijjer, senior director of Product Management — discuss the elements that comprise a small business’s digital identity and what it takes to get your business found.

You’re in the business of building your business. In this day and age, having a website is pretty darn important. It’s your identity, it’s your brand, online.” ~ Raj Mukherjee

Domain name. Website. Search engines. Social media profiles. Online listings and directories. Check, check, check, check and check. These, Raj M. says during the Integrated Marketing TNT with GoDaddy webinar, are the “core parts of your identity that help your business get recognized online and offline.”

Can you believe half of American businesses don’t have a website? It’s true. Don’t be a statistic. Check out this cool webinar to learn how to get found everywhere your customers are looking.

Want an easy way to get listed locally? Check out GoDaddy’s Get Found — your business information listed everywhere, all from one place.

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