Website security: Double the factors, double the fun

Protect your business

When you go to an ATM machine to withdraw cash, you need two pieces of information: your debit card and your PIN. Can you imagine how at risk you would feel if you didn’t need to enter your PIN to use your card? Anyone who got access to your card would have access to your bank account.

Why wouldn’t you also want that extra layer of security for your small business website?

Enter two-factor (aka two-step) authentication — a security process that can help you protect the valuable information on your website.

How does two-factor authentication work?

When you have two-factor authentication activated, you need two pieces of information to get into your account:

1. Something you know — like a password

2. Something you have — like a smartphone

Why is two-factor so effective? It’s pretty easy for bad guys to guess weak passwords — especially with all the personal information available today via social media. But hackers will have a heck of a time obtaining that something you have — such as the hardware or software security token or mobile phone you’ve authorized for verification texts. You need to have that mobile phone or token in hand to get the information you need to access your account.

At GoDaddy, we offer that additional layer of security for U.S. customers who’ve requested Two-Step Authentication by texting them a validation code that they must enter whenever they log in to their account or make important account changes. You can learn more about our Two-Step Authentication here. And be sure to check out this awesome guide to enabling two-factor authentication on 50 top websites, courtesy of our very own Chris Carfi.

Your customers trust you. They need to know their personal information — including sensitive account information — is safe on your website. And you’ll appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re doing all you can to protect your site.

Image by: monsieur paradis via Compfight cc