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Lyn upends expectations with each fashionable and bold look.

As a 65-year-old professor, Lyn Slater dreamed of a creative outlet. Armed with nothing more than her unique style and an authentic online presence, she reinvented herself. Lyn rose to the top in a world that believed fashion was only for the chosen few. With each bold look, she proves labels and expectations are meant to be broken.
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An icon demands style.

Hearing that a college professor at Fordham University is a style icon seems like a stretch. Aren’t those the stuffy people who wear tweed blazers with elbow patches? Not Lyn Slater. She wanted the flexibility to wear what she chose, no matter what society thinks. And that flexibility applies to her online presence, too. With Managed WordPress, she had a website built that’s as unique and individual as her fashion sense.

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“Online presence is power. It allows us to define who we are … to own our own representation.”

- Lyn Slater

The right name is no accident.

When Lyn met a friend at Fashion Week in New York City, she was wearing a Yohji Yamamoto suit and carrying an obscure Chanel bag. An impromptu encounter with photographers led to her being labeled an Accidental Icon. The moment she heard the words, Lyn knew she had the name of her fashion blog. And accidentalicon.com has been her domain name ever since.

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She’s always on brand.

Launching a successful fashion blog has been attempted by many, accomplished by few. Lyn’s blog caught on because it shatters society’s expectations around how a woman her age should dress — and because of smart moves. Lyn drives more traffic to her website by using GoDaddy Email Marketing to reach out to fans, share her latest looks and get them excited to see more.

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