Women’s Empowerment Ride

Women’s Empowerment Ride: Breaking away from strife and taking back power

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Suzanne Richards

Getting your life back on track after a tumultuous time isn’t as easy as riding a bike. But Angela Wolz is here to tell you that a bike can help you heal. For Angela, it all started a few years ago in Florida when she was reeling from bad breakup. This breakup wasn’t just dashed hopes and dreams. The relationship had been a traumatic one, and Angela was left drained as she recovered from the mental abuse she suffered at the hands of her ex-partner. The silver lining to her experience? She discovered the healing power of cycling — a discovery that would eventually lead to something bigger: Women’s Empowerment Ride.

“Get a bicycle. You will not regret it, if you live.” ~ Mark Twain

The beautiful Florida weather boded well for bike riding, and to clear her head, she jumped on her bike every day. The exercise burned off stress and put her in a better mindset. After about three months, she was cycling up to 500 miles a week. But she wasn’t quite ready to call her herself healed. In fact, she decided to remove herself from society temporarily and undertake a solo ride along the Continental Divide, from Banff, Canada, to Antelope Wells, N.M. She hoped the challenge would be good for her.

Women’s Empowerment Ride Success

She was right. “When I arrived in Antelope Wells, N.M., I had taken back my power and found a new love for humanity. It ended up being THE best decision I could have made,” says Angela.

Saddling up

Angela’s solo ride was life-changing. But her thoughts soon turned to other women who were suffering in bad relationships, coping with tough divorces, or who were otherwise in need of empowerment and growth.

Women’s Empowerment Ride Group

She wondered how she might help women take their lives back by cycling, just like she had. She says, “We know not everyone wants to go on a 3,000-mile ride through the wilderness. But what about a multi-day empowerment ride?”

Spoke sisters

Women’s Empowerment Ride Sisters

First, she needed to find her audience. She had since left Florida for Colorado, so initially she connected with women on a Women Bike Colorado Facebook Page and through her Meetup, Denver Random Adventures. She asked if there were any women who were interested in changing their lives mentally (and physically) by getting fit.

Twelve women showed up to her first meeting.

Out of these 12 women, nine got mountain bikes and started training. And last April, all nine successfully completed the White Rim Trail in Utah — a challenging, off-road, 100-mile ride. Women’s Empowerment Ride (WER) was born. Angela knew it was just the beginning, and she needed to spread the word about WER. That’s when she turned to GoDaddy GoCentral.

Women’s Empowerment Ride Teamwork

Women’s Empowerment Ride + GoDaddy GoCentral

Angela chose GoDaddy GoCentral Website Builder to create her first and current website. And it was fun and rewarding to build. (Considering how rewarding her rides are, that’s quite a compliment. We’re very flattered!) All of her questions were quickly and patiently answered by GoDaddy’s 24/7 customer support team. She spent a couple days perfecting the multi-page website she built on her laptop. It’s easy to update, and it looks very professional.

Women’s Empowerment Ride GoCentral

Angela has a strong, well-deserved following. But reaching her target audience can be challenging. She frequently communicates with bike shops and like-minded women’s organizations. Women’s Empowerment Ride now has a sponsor, and Angela actively spreads the word on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. She also uses GoDaddy’s Email Marketing to send out emails, as well as connects to others via Meetup and various women’s platforms.

“These tools are an essential way of getting your cause noticed and supported. Getting and staying in contact with clients, potential or established, is crucial to any success,” says Angela.

Women’s Empowerment Ride Lake

Pedaling toward your mission

When kicking off your own venture, Angela recommends starting with WHY. Why do you want to create a business like this? What inspired you? She communicates how Women’s Empowerment Ride can empower women by clarifying the problem and explaining clearly how WER can help.

WER helps participants choose gear and bikes if they have no cycling experience or if money is tight.

There’s also plenty of training guidance in a supportive environment that fosters many new friendships. “Women’s life struggles are real and often not talked about, as many are scared or embarrassed to share their story,” explains Angela.

Women’s Empowerment Ride Together

Riding around the next bend

Angela sees her organization working with women nationally and globally. After all, women’s struggles are a global issue. She is a motivator, and she doesn’t believe in giving up. Fears are to be faced. She notes:

“Don’t get discouraged by people who do not ‘buy into’ your vision. Keep pressing forward, and follow your dream and passion: it WILL change the world!”

Empowered women empower other women. And Angela certainly is empowered. “If you are struggling and want to create a positive, lasting change through an active life and sports, join me and a lot of other like-minded women on a ride with WER,” says Angela. “We realize the importance of our voices only when they are silenced. Now that I have my voice back, it won’t be silenced again. And neither should yours.”

Women’s Empowerment Ride Mountain

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