How to Design & Launch Your Blog

Free eBook: How to Design & Launch Your Blog in 7 Days

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Laura Busche

Ever thought of becoming a blogger, sharing stories about your biggest passions with the world? Whether you’re interested in fashion, lifestyle, travel, cooking, sports, or any other specific topic, building a blog can create a platform to amplify your unique point of view. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about this for some time now, preparing a list of article ideas and collecting insights from other blogs you enjoy. You know what you want to share, with whom, and how. You’re all set, except for one thing: you’ve never designed, let alone launched a website.

How to Design & Launch Your Blog in 7 Days

And that’s exactly where this eBook, “How to Design & Launch Your Blog in 7 Days,” and its complementary toolkit, come in. GoDaddy and Creative Market have joined forces to walk you through the entire process of launching your WordPress blog — from logo design, to hosting, to theme customization. You can download the entire toolkit here.

Aside from an eBook with detailed instructions, you will also receive templates for social media graphics, a customizable media kit, a 7-day challenge calendar, and an editable template for your blog’s logo. In short, everything you need to get this project going!

How to Design & Launch Your Blog Toolkit

To help you build your blog’s brand from scratch, the eBook demystifies challenging topics like choosing your color palette, typography scheme and symbols.

How to Design & Launch Your Blog MoodBoard

There’s also an entire section devoted to WordPress, walking you through the basics of choosing, editing and implementing your theme of choice.

How to Design & Launch Your Blog WordPress

Finally, this wouldn’t be a launch plan if it didn’t come with insider tips to make sure people visit your site. The last section shows you how to build an audience that keeps coming back for more.

How to Design & Launch Your Blog Launch List

We are thrilled to see what you’ll create with this free set of tools. Blogging opens up opportunities for talented creatives like you to express a unique voice, and sometimes even make a living by doing so.