Email newsletter ideas you can use right now

Add some spice

Updated May 16, 2018

Do you ever sit down to write your email newsletter and wonder what the heck to say? To keep your audience’s attention, you need to be useful — whether that means providing information, making people laugh, being inspirational, or offering deals people can’t find elsewhere. You need email newsletter ideas and you need them now!

Want some fresh content? Try piecing together one to four of the topics below in your next email newsletter. Not all of these email newsletter ideas will work for you — it depends a lot on your industry, the tone you’re going for, and your target audience.

40 email newsletter ideas

If you struggle to come up with content for your email newsletter, here are 40 ideas to shake things up. Choose the topics most relevant to your industry, your audience and the personality of your brand.

Feature something (or someone) awesome—the soup du jour of your email newsletter

Email Newsletter Ideas1. Customer or member of the day, week or month

2. Employee or volunteer of the day, week or month

3. Product, artwork or song of the day, week or month

4. Quote, poem, scripture, recipe, joke, or word of the day, week or month

5. Deal of the day, week or month

Have some fun!

6. Themed “horoscopes” (e.g., gardening horoscope, career horoscope, writing horoscope)

7. Contest or giveaway (either right in your newsletter, or through one of your social media channels)

8. Creative signature (if you usually sign off with “sincerely,” try an alternative like“cheers,” “until next time” or maybe even “XOXO”)

Provide useful, DIY information

Ideas for Email Newsletter9. Simple DIY instructions for how to make a _____ (e.g., floral arrangement, killer resume)

10. Five tips and tricks on a topic relevant to your audience (e.g., productivity, living frugally, networking, parenting, entrepreneurship, mindfulness)

11. Simple instructions for how to start a _____ (e.g., book club, email newsletter, Etsy shop)

12. Three steps to do _____ better, faster, saner, or cheaper

Make an announcement

13. Milestone announcement (e.g., sold your 100th house, celebrated the five-year anniversary of your business)

14. Upcoming events (your own and/or other relevant events in the community; may include live and/or online events)

15. Pre-sale or pre-registration alert

16. Product launch or new feature announcement

17. Last-chance alert for a product, sale, or event registration

Curate fabulous content

18. Teaser for your video, podcast or blog post (make people want to click through to check out your own amazing content)

19. Blog post roundup (including links to posts by you and/or others in your industry)

20. Best free online resources on _____ (your topic)

21. Links to the latest authoritative research on _____ (topic relevant to your business)

22. Must-listen podcasts on _____ (topic relevant to your business)

Give it a personal touch

Great Email Newsletter Ideas23. History of your organization or business

24. Things or ideas you’re loving right now

25. Mission statement for you or your organization or business

26. The best advice you ever got about _____ (and how it can help your readers)

27. Behind-the-scenes glimpse of your organization or business

28. Personal anecdote that helps your readers learn more about you and your organization or business—and improves their lives somehow

29. Books on your nightstand

Go visual

30. Unexpected or metaphorical photo or drawing

31. Professional headshot of you in your element

32. Infographic (create your own!)

33. Quote graphic (create your own using a free tool like

Make it about them

34. Customer or member testimonial or success story

35. Timely call-to-action—why should they do it now? What’s in it for them?

36. Subscriber-exclusive offer

37. Customer or member survey (collect feedback and report results in a future newsletter)

38. Headline, image or story that taps into your readers’ aspirations (e.g., be more fashionable, generous, business-savvy, or fit)

39. Crowdsourcing for a future product (ask readers to vote on which product or service you should release next)

40. Sincere note of thanks and appreciation to your audience

There you have it — email newsletter ideas to invigorate your email marketing campaigns. You probably already are applying some of these content ideas in your mind right now. Go forth, create, engage and drum up some new business!

There’s no time like the present to compose your next email marketing masterpiece. GoDaddy Email Marketing can help! Remember: Be useful, be creative and have fun.