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Introduce yourself with confidence

In spite of the advances in technology, some aspects of real estate are still strictly old school. Take business cards, for example. Real estate business cards not only get your name out there, but they also help you network and gain referrals. It’s your first impression to customers — one that sets the tone for your whole relationship. Use these helpful real estate business card ideas to make sure your card keeps clients coming back.

Real estate business card ideas: What to put on them

Business cards range in size, with the most common being 3.5” x 2”. Even at that size, there’s plenty of room for vital visual and written information. Here are some of the elements you might choose to include:

Your business logo. Make sure you logo represents your brand and is appealing to the eye. Logos are typically the most memorable element of a business card.

Business name and tagline (if applicable). The name says it all. Include your tagline if you have one — this is a very important branding aspect.

Your name and realtor specialty. Identify yourself. Also, if there’s a specific real estate area you specialize in, such as commercial or resort properties, list it on your card.

Real Estate Business Card Ideas REALTOR LogoREALTOR®, REALTORS® or REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® logo. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) requires its members to feature one of these three identifiers on their real estate business cards — including the registration symbol. Members will also want to add this membership logo as well.

Your license status. According to the NAR, some states require licensees to include their license status (e.g. broker, broker-associate, salesperson, etc.) on their business cards. You can read more about these types of titles from Make sure you check your state’s compliance requirements before printing your cards.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and Equal Housing Opportunity logos. Permission to use the MLS logo is granted only to Associations of REALTORS® through a written license agreement with the National Association of Realtors. Adding these membership logos to your business cards lets the customer knows you are fair and reputable.

Street address, city, state, zip code. This lets the customer know where you’re based if they need to attend a one-on-one meeting with you at your office.

Phone numbers (work and cell), website and email address. It’s a good practice to give prospective clients all this information in one place. Most buyers and sellers like to do online research before they engage an agent to help them.

Social media logos. Social media has become a hotspot for real estate agents because it allows them to build relationships subtly and over time. Include the logos of any networks you’re active on.

Headshot. No list of real estate business card ideas is complete without a professional headshot. Have yours taken by a professional photographer. If you decide on an outdoor shot, use a background such a house or building. For an indoor shot, use a white or grey backdrop. A confident smile and good posture will make the customer feel warm and welcome.

Real estate business card ideas: How to produce them

When it comes to the design of your real estate business card, there are three routes you can go — do it yourself, hire a graphic designer or choose a custom template from a printing website.

Option 1: Do it yourself.

This is a popular option, given all the expenses that come with being a real estate agent. If you choose to design your own cards, use an app like Canva or Business Card Maker then print them out on your office printer.

Real Estate Business Card Ideas Canva
Create your own business card in minutes with tools like Canva.

Make the card simple and easy to read. Stick with a sans-serif (e.g., Arial, Helvetica, Verdana) font for larger text and a serif (e.g., Times New Roman, Courier, Garamond) font for smaller text.

Pay attention to white space. It’s important to leave a little breathing room on the card — the eye has trouble making sense of areas crammed with text.

Choose colors that are complementary. Use colors that are consistent with those used on your website. You can pick them by using the Adobe Color Wheel.

Get a second opinion. Have co-workers, friends or family give you their feedback on the design of your real estate business card before you print.

Don’t sell yourself short. It may be tempting to just throw your name, address and phone on there and call it good. But adding certifications and memberships increase your credibility in the eyes of prospective client, so don’t skip these.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. A standard business card may be 3.5” x 2” but they go all the way up to 3.5” x 2.5”. You should also consider the shape of your real estate business card. Do you want round edges instead of square edges? Do you want the card to be horizontal or vertical? Or maybe you’d like your card to be in the shape of a house?

Think about your brand before deciding on card design.


Not sold on creating your business card? Consider hiring a graphic designer for a truly unique creation.

Option 2: Hire a graphic designer.

Real Estate Business Card Ideas 99designs
Freelance sites like 99designs offer professional designs with a 100-percent, money-back guarantee.

Graphic designers have a keen eye for detail and extensive experience designing for print.

Make sure you do your research on the designer’s expertise, ask for samples of their work and get cost estimates up front.

You can find quality graphic designers through online freelance websites, such as Consider, Dribbble and 99Designs, or ask co-workers, friends and family if they have any referrals.

Option 3: Go with a custom online printer.

If you don’t have the time to design your own real estate business card or the budget to hire a graphic designer, consider using an online printer like Zazzle, Moo or Vistaprint for custom printed designs.

Real Estate Business Card Ideas Moo
Websites like Moo take care of the design and printing.

Just choose the paper quality, design and font, add the information you want on the card, specify how many cards you need, and place your order. Done.

Next steps

Whether you choose the do-it-yourself, outsourcing or online-printing option, use these real estate business card ideas to ensure your cards make a positive first impression. Once your business cards are done, you’re ready to start building relationships with potential customers and other members of the community. Carry your new cards with you wherever you go. And remember to be confident, smile, and be prepared to sell yourself!

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