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The small retail business guide to spring campaign ideas

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Dan Hughes

When winter slowly melts away and a hint of spring floats in the air, consumers will be feeling optimistic and ready to try new things. And for savvy businesses looking to promote their products, services or online store, these spring campaign ideas offer the chance to boost the bottom line.

Why digital campaigns are crucial to conversions

More and more, marketing is happening online as the world becomes increasingly connected. In fact, 26 percent of U.S. adults say that they are almost always online. Plus, at present, there are 3.7 billion active internet users worldwide.

That’s a huge audience. And it means that, in order to be successful, any spring campaign ideas you’re considering need to have a digital component. You’ll also need to consider current digital marketing trends as you plan and create the assets for your campaign.

Boost sales with 4 spring campaign ideas

Let's take look at a few spring campaign ideas that you can tailor to your small business and its specific products or services.

  1. Jump on the spring cleaning bandwagon.
  2. Put a spring in their step.
  3. Encourage them to seize the day with special deals.
  4. Celebrate lesser-known hashtag holidays.

These seasonal ideas will keep your marketing efforts fresh.

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1. Jump on the spring cleaning bandwagon

Spring Campaign Ideas Spring Cleaning

There’s a reason that every spring you see marketing messages centered around spring cleaning. It’s what consumers are thinking about, year after year. And you can leverage the topic by creating content that promotes your business.

For example, you could produce a step-by-step spring cleaning guide or offer spring cleaning hacks that tie back to your products or services.

Be sure to share your content through email and on social media.

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You can also conduct a little spring cleaning of your own and tidy up your inventory, offering special springtime discounts on items that you’ve been struggling to sell during the winter.

And don’t forget about cleaning up your digital inventory, too.

Our guide to spring cleaning your blog will have it spruced up in no time.

2. Put a spring in their step

For many, spring is a time for getting outside again after the chilly days of winter. If you sell outdoor gear, consider launching a campaign centered around outdoor activities and creating tailored lists for your customers of local walking routes or picnic spots. Or, if you’re a personal trainer, you could ask your followers to share their fitness goals and achievements. Just be sure you always relate the content to your business.

3. Encourage them to seize the day with special deals

Spring is all about shaking off the shackles of wintertime and seizing the day. With this in mind, you can promote a host of limited-time, “seize the day” deals and discounts, or run a social media competition, offering prizes to those who share their best “seize the day” moment.

And how about producing an inspiring springtime bucket list to accompany the specific “seize the day” spring campaign ideas you decide to go with? You can relate this back to your business by including products or services that help achieve each item on the list.

4. Celebrate lesser-known hashtag holidays

While often overlooked, there are smaller holidays that offer the potential to expand your social reach and provide you with plenty of creative content ideas.

Quirky springtime hashtag holidays, like #NationalPotatoChipDay, #NoDirtyDishesDay, #StressAwarenessMonth and, of course, #SmallBusinessWeek, offer prime opportunities to spark up interesting conversations with new and existing customers while delivering the kind of content, offers and deals that will drive people to your website.

Based on your business, decide which holidays you’d like to target, plan your content around them and then join the conversation.

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Digital marketing tips you need to know

In your quest for springtime retail domination, there are a few things to keep in mind as you implement these spring campaign ideas.

Content marketing is marketing

While in the grand scheme of things, content marketing is a relatively new discipline, it has become a pivotal part of almost every brand's marketing communications, regardless of sector.

If you want your spring campaign to be successful, you’ll need to use create quality content to boost your web authority while growing awareness, trust and sales. Think: articles, infographics, special guides and more.

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The longer, the better

Speaking of content marketing, you should know that a recent study of more than 900 million blog posts discovered that long-form content typically gets more links than short-form content. In addition, the longer the content, the more likely it is to be shared.

Spring Campaign Ideas Content On Computer

While short, inspiring content is still valuable when it comes to driving engagement, creating longer, more comprehensive articles and blog posts will help you expand the reach of your campaign.

Be authentic

In today's hyper-connected digital world, trust, transparency and authenticity are of paramount importance to consumers. When you’re developing your spring campaign assets — everything from your emails to your blog posts to your status updates — make sure that everything is honest, inspiring, fact-checked and delivered in your unique voice.

Try new platforms

As new and innovative consumer platforms present fresh promotional opportunities, don’t stay on the sidelines. By taking the time to understand and embrace the power of voice technology, voice search, chatbots and visual search, you’ll be able to make your campaigns all the more dynamic, immersive and inspiring.

Put your ideas to work

Setting up a seasonal spring campaign doesn’t need to be difficult. Play into what people know and love about spring and put it to use. Following those themes, along with digital marketing trends, will set you up for springtime success.

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