Small business owners eat turkey with a side of invoices

They're singing your tune

Whether your register rings regularly or you’ve just set up shop, running a small business is no joke. You’re planning, building, maintaining, and promoting a project that was just a dream not long ago.

Taking that risk, following that dream, building something from nothing, being your own boss, that’s sexy. But it’s the sweat-on-his-brow and run-in-her-fishnets sexy of Jay-Z and Beyoncé on stage in Paris — shows like that don’t just come together without a crazy amount of planning, building, maintenance, and promotion.

If you’re spending this holiday week investing everything you have to build something awesome, basting the turkey while invoicing clients, listening to startup advice podcasts while you clean the baseboards, ordering supplies while watching the game, we salute you.

Thank you for taking risks. Thank you for doing hard things. Thank you for trusting us to help you. And if you’re too busy for the real deal this Thursday, kudos to you for keeping it up (but a makeshift turkey sandwich is better than nothing, right?).

Noah Plumb
Noah’s for the underdog just about every time; he stands for justice. He’s a pretty social dude with an asymmetrical face (the mustache is ‘shopped by the way). With GoDaddy since 2004 in communications, public relations, and social roles, he’s now a small business evangelist. And he’d like to hear your story. Say “hey there” on Twitter. Email him. Smile in his general direction. (He likes the attention.)