Customers tell us how to implement Pro Sites into business

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Nevena Tomović

Do you offer website maintenance, have an advertising agency, or maybe you are a designer who creates custom website care plans for their clients?

If you are a web professional here are a few ways Pro Sites can help you.

We take every opportunity to speak to our customers in person, and see how they are using our tools to better their business. Some we found out use Pro Sites at the core of their business, while others offer follow up services. Here are some of their insights into what features they use for what type of business.

Website Maintenance

If you are thinking about starting a website maintenance business you can use Pro Sites to help build your website maintenance plans.

Franck has created his business by offering his clients different care packages for their websites. He uses Pro Sites to customize what he can offer them, which means being able to charge higher rates depending on how “much care” your clients are looking for.

We succeeded in implementing Pro Sites services inside our core business - Franck Koumba

The cornerstone of Frank’s business are our cloud backups, which come with easy website migration. Having a reliable, fast backups to offer to your clients, means keeping their websites secure. If an update fails, or a website crashes, it’s imperative to have an up-to-date backup of their website.

The beauty of our backups is that they run off-site and are incremental, so they will successfully back up even the most problematic websites. Frank is happy to guarantee the safety of his client’s websites, which gets them on his recurring monthly revenue plans.

What client’s don’t need to know is that with premium backups, which come free with GoDaddy hosting, you get free website migrations and Safe Updates. As a website maintenance business you can charge for all of these add-ons, while we charge you for one.

Don’t forget that no one needs to know you are using Pro Sites for your business - you can white label everything, and not worry about your client’s finding out your secret tool.

Web Design

As web designers you are capable of creating beautiful, personal websites for your clients, but clients seems to want more, that’s what Elzette Roelofse told us in her interview.

Elzette explained that what clients come looking for is a new website and also someone who can help upkeep it. That means running regular updates and grooming it over time.

As designers you perhaps don’t want to offer as many services as someone who is running a website maintenance business, but being able to offer regular updates for an ongoing fee can quickly and with little effort grow your business.

Pro Sites helps you by simply giving you one click access to all of you websites.

I don’t always remember all of the sites I have done, it’s good to log into one place and have them all there. - Elzette Roelofse

Adding websites and running updates is free and takes you seconds. If you do have that special client who is willing to invest more, or you want to protect their website with backups, you can do that too, and throw in Safe Updates. This either comes at a small cost or free if you are hosted on GoDaddy.

Online Marketing

A lot of our Pro’s are working with small businesses and helping them grow by providing a complete online solution for them. Our customer Hendrik Luehrsen, from Munich works with German clients to help them set up online, and maintain the performance of their websites.

He designs their website, creates SEO friendly copy, offers a paid marketing solution, and makes sure that his clients’ websites are performing over time. One thing that every online marketer knows is that if your website is down for a long period, or often, it can have a negative effect on SEO.

To make sure that it doesn’t happen, online marketers swear by our Uptime Monitor feature on Pro Sites, which comes free with GoDaddy hosting.

Nothing is more embarrassing than getting a call from your client to tell you their website is down. I use Uptime Monitor to make sure this doesn’t happen. - Hendrik Luehrsen

From a startup that wasn’t making money, Hendrik created an online marketing agency with WordPress, and using Pro Sites he has increased his customer retention. Being able to offer websites that perform well means you can help you clients create something new, and grow their business, which Hendrik says is his main motivation.

Pro Resources

We have put together some resources for you to help you grow your business and win over new clients. Have a look at our Pro resources page that has the most recent WP Elevation webinars, Ebooks, guides, tutorials, and everything you need to know about GoDaddy Pro.

Our expert content team is working on keeping you updated with all relevant product news, as well as, sharing interviews with customers and engineers working on Pro tools.

We also have a Community Forum that has it’s own Pro lounge. That’s where all Pros meet to talk about their experience and to share thoughts on product. If you want to talk to us about a feature this is the place to be.

How to get more out of GoDaddy?

As a Pro Sites user, you are using only a third of what you could be on our GoDaddy Pro program, which is designed to help web professionals streamline their business and get more clients.

By joining GoDaddy Pro you can start managing clients with Pro Clients, which allows you to shop for them inside their account. Make the most out of Pro Rewards, our deep discounts and global referral directory. And enjoy our Pro-level support 24/7.

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