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Andrea Rowland

If you hadn’t noticed, we devote a lot of space in the Garage to building websites. And it’s not just because GoDaddy is in the website business. It’s because we know small businesses today need a strong online presence to compete — and that (usually) starts with an effective website. We know that because we’ve owned small businesses ourselves, and we’ve talked to multitudes of entrepreneurs who’ve shared the same basic storyline:

My website is an indispensable tool for my business.

Sure, you might start out with only a Facebook page or an Etsy shop. If you want to be taken seriously, though, you’re going to need a dedicated website to serve as your online center of gravity. It’s your unique place in the vast cyberverse to tell your story your way, inspire visitors to action, and capture qualified leads.

Whether you take the hands-on approach with WordPress or a template-based site builder, or hire a designer to do it for you, creating a website is a must-reach milestone for any small business. But before you make it live for all the world to see, take a moment to inspect it.

Download a 10-point website review

Eventually your website needs a shortlist of basic features so it can work its best for your business — including customer testimonials, compelling calls-to-action, and a signup form so you can collect email addresses. We’ve put together a 10-Point Website Review to help you make sure you’ve covered the fundamentals.