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Leverage your Twitter marketing strategy to enhance email marketing

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Andy Claremont

Twitter is not just another social network. Other than Facebook, it's one of the most important social sites you should be active on. Alongside email marketing and Search Engine Optimization, social media is part of any comprehensive marketing strategy. Twitter in particular, is a fast paced, interactive platform and that means you need to stay active yourself. Luckily, leveraging your Twitter marketing strategy to enhance email marketing is easy with GoDaddy!

Here's some tips on being a Twitter and Email marketing pro:

1. Share your email newsletters on Twitter

Twitter is a powerful way to share content and that's exactly why your content should be there! While you can't possibly condense your GoDaddy email newsletter into 140 characters (click here for some Twitter trivia), the good news is, you don't need to. Use GoDaddy's "Share" button to tweet your newsletter, complete with Twitter friendly link.

Twitter Marketing Strategy

Pro Tip: You can also encourage Twitter followers to sign up.

GoDaddy provides a hosted sign up form. All you need to do is share the URL on your social networks. You can find that under Webform in your GoDaddy account. Then simply click "share" to get the URL, pre-shrunk to fit in a tweet!

Using GoDaddy's Social Links Add On is a great way to encourage your email readers to join you on Twitter and other social networks.

What Social Links does is add beautifully designed icons that link to your social networks to every email newsletter. This means your readers can find, and follow you without any legwork needed.

3. Encourage your readers to share your newsletters on Twitter

Twitter is a sharing community and when integrated with your email marketing, you can offer your email readers an opportunity to share your newsletter with their own followers directly from the inbox. You'll be able to activate this when sending. Hit send, select your lists, and press continue. On the next page check the Twitter social sharing option.

Start your Twitter marketing strategy

Now that you know how to reach your followers, get out there and start sharing! Oh, and follow The Garage on Twitter for the latest in news, alerts and good stuff.

Want simple integration with Facebook, Google Analytics and more? Try GoDaddy Email Marketing.

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