Wrangling online diners: How OpenTable and ChowNow fit the bill

Technology: come and get it!

Looking good, restaurant! You’ve got tasteful decor and an even tastier menu. Now for more good news! The OpenTable and ChowNow widgets are now available on GoCentral’s Website Builder. Boost your online takeout/delivery business (and make ordering a snap for diners) with ChowNow. And streamline/simplify your reservation system with OpenTable. These widgets, combined with features like tempting photo galleries and flexible menu designs, can take your restaurant website from beautiful to downright bookmark-worthy.

Using ChowNow to enhance your takeout and delivery business is as easy as adding the widget to your restaurant website (ChowNow account required). People want to do everything online now–and that goes for ordering food, too. ChowNow lets you accept multiple, hassle-free takeout/delivery orders customers place online. No more taking phone orders one at a time in a busy, loud restaurant. Customers can double-check their own orders for accuracy while your staff spends more quality time on seated and waiting diners. What’s more, ChowNow also offers several menu management tools you can use to set delivery zones, add specials, and make quick changes to menus at any time.

If you’re looking to streamline and simplify your reservation system, consider adding OpenTable to your menu (OpenTable account required). According to the ChowNow website, nearly 75% of customers visit a restaurant’s website before dining. Lock down your hungry diners right then and there after they’ve perused your eye-catching menu and engaging photo gallery you created in GoCentral. We don’t have to tell you about restaurant competition–if you’re not bringing your A-game every day, you can get eaten alive. Let your customers fall in love with your dishes, check table availability, and make plans without leaving your website. Read more about what OpenTable did for a popular margarita spot.

If you have not checked out GoCentral’s enticing photo gallery and menu designs, you’re in for a treat. GoCentral makes it easy to create delicious food galleries and beautifully branded menus designed especially to showcase your signature dishes. When it comes to customers deciding on a restaurant, looks are everything. Get them hooked on beautiful photos of your appetizers, entrees, desserts, and maybe even cocktails. Let GoCentral tell your restaurant’s story and will keep diners coming in–and coming back.

The bottom line: when it comes to attracting and keeping customers, you have to make your gorgeous food easy to see and get. The technology your diners love is doing a bang-up job of this right now. But you’re going to love what technology can do for you, too. From simpler, faster to-go and delivery ordering to streamlined reservations, services like OpenTable and ChowNow are boosting restaurant competitive edge every day. So try it today. Add ChowNow and/or OpenTable to your restaurant website now (here’s how) and turn the tables on your competition.