Make the world you want

You have the power, we have the tools.

When an idea meets the right help and tools, the world takes notice. These six makers are
changing the world in their unique way. So can you.

Fixer & Doer

Dan Peterson

Dan helps restore pride to communities by bringing neglected basketball courts back to life.

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Artist & Creator

Paloma Teppa

Paloma uses plants to design spaces and sanctuaries that help people reconnect with nature and themselves.

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Entrepreneur & Innovator

Tyson Toussant

Tyson turns recovered plastic into fibers that can be used to make everything from eyeglasses to chairs.

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Designer & Originator

Lyn Slater

Lyn, the Accidental Icon, believes fashion doesn’t just belong to the young. She dresses how she feels, and changes perceptions.

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Musician & Performer


The American musician uses her platform to share her struggles with depression and anxiety on stages around the world.

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