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Tyson Toussant takes reclaimed plastic and turns it into durable, multi-use thread.

Ridding the world of plastic — now that’s a lofty goal. Instead of finding an alternative, Tyson Toussant decided to change the whole system. With no training, he found a way to manufacture reclaimed plastic into thread, weaving sustainability into the very fibers of the everyday things we buy. His online presence gets the word out about his company, Bionic, and builds game-changing partnerships that help create a better world.
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Starting off strong.

Tyson knew plastic was ruining the planet, but while everyone else was trying to eliminate it, Tyson took a different approach entirely. He figured out how to take reclaimed plastic and transform it into a tough, flexible thread. He called it Bionic Yarn — hence his domain, bionicyarn.com — and started finding ways to manufacture it into everyday products.

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“If we can merge the mission to rid the world of plastic with everyone's desire to shop, we might be able to get somewhere.”

- Tyson Toussant

Always on, always social.

Bionic Yarn is made from all sorts of recycled plastics, including ones scavenged from the bottom of the sea floor. It’s an incredibly powerful concept, and one that could catch on with the right exposure. Tyson and his team gave a lot of thought to how to get the word out, and they decided to leverage social media. GoDaddy Social fit their needs perfectly.

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Tyson stands out in a sea of competition.

Tyson created a revolutionary product, and he built his website to show off how it was made and all of its applications. But what about people who aren’t aware of this revolutionary material? He needed to show up on search engines so people interested in sustainability, recycled plastics or textiles could find him. With SEO Services, Tyson is able to use the power of SEO to show off his amazing products to a wider audience.

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